My sister so kindly got me a selection box that she bought from the Naked Marshmallow co. It was a perfect Christmas present, I just so happened to get her the same gift! We are so alike. I didn’t get her a secretion box but instead I got her a marshmallow toast kit which included, two flavours, bamboo skewers and a burner. I got her the flavours salted caramel and chocolate orange, there’s so many flavours to choose from, it was hard to choose which ones to get. On Monday as my sister was over we both excitedly tested out the section box. If I am correct I think she got the burner and the sticks with the selection box.

In the selection box there was four marshmallows for each of the six flavours, equalling 16 marshmallows, plus a chocolate spoon and marshmallow for a hot chocolate. The flavours were salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, strawberry cream, s’mores, candy floss and gingerbread, I know how good do they all sound?

I was nervous about lighting the burner but it was easy, you can hardly even see the flame yet the heat was sure enough that it was on fire. I placed the burner on a plate to be safe. In the second below photo you might be able to spot the blue in the invisible flame.

The mint chocolate chip was the first flavour that I tried and instantly it became my favourite. My sister tried the s’mores flavour first which she liked, I thought I wouldn’t like the s’mores one but it was nice.

The two flavours that I didn’t like was the gingerbread and the strawberry cream one.

I loved the salted caramel and the last one I tried which was candy floss, the salted caramel one is my second favourite after the mint chocolate chip one. The marshmallows heated up quickly so there was no waiting around for ages, we had soon tucked into one of each flavour.

Below is the chocolate spoon and marshmallow to make a hot chocolate that I’m saving for my son, I’m also hoping to let him try some of the marshmallows. I liked how I could put the burner out by placing the plate on the flame. I don’t know how many uses I can get out of the burner but by the looks of the gel there’s plenty of burning time in there.

If I found us all planning a camping trip I would be keen to order a few sets to take with us, it’s also a good set for say a movie night. The marshmallows are really big and sickly so you can’t over indulge but again I can use the burner again. The selection box is a Christmas special but there are loads of different kits on offer, they also do an advent which I was tempted to buy last year, this year I hope to get one. What do you think of this set? What flavours sound appealing to you? After writing this I’m tempted to light the burner just to eat the last two mint chocolate chips marshmallows.