This may be the last time that I say the word baby, how is Luna, my baby one in 30 days? Will she officially be classed as a toddler when one? My heart can’t take it. I have loved this past month as Luna has learnt so much while as per, showing me her cheeky personality, as well as her feisty temper – I bet I won’t love it (her temper) as much when she’s a teenager. I’m always laughing at the things that Luna does which just some of it you will see in this post.

The little sweetheart can now open all of the cupboards in the kitchen.

She can also climb the toy box.

Her biggest aim when climbing the toy box is to reach the tv controllers and chill in her brothers chair; she can’t get there anymore as I’ve now rearranged the living room to keep her safe.

Luna also likes to tip her lunch all over the living room floor since last week, she doesn’t eat it as she would much rather rub it into the carpet. I should have put her in her high chair but it would have still be thrown on the floor. I think her four new teeth that are coming through at the top of her mouth are making eating hard for her at the minute, she won’t even eat toast which is her favourite.

Four teeth equal a very clingy baby this month, she spends her day climbing me or moaning if she does not see me. If my son is around she will also climb him a lot and freak out if he leaves the room.

I love seeing my kids play together now that Luna is older. My son will chase her while she roars with laughter, he also rubs his head on her belly which is her favourite thing so she can grab his hair, he never learns. I find myself being a human climbing frame around the both of them, especially if Luna spots her brother cuddling me.

I’m glad that I finally got a few photos of Lunas hilarious pout, I don’t know who taught her that … can you guess?

The one thing that Luna is eating is blackberries, they are her favourite, she also loves tuna on jacket potato. As Luna can now eat lumpy food I’ve found it so fun trying new finger foods. Before I was so scared to do baby led weening so I left it for when she was a bit older.

We still get the hilarious serious face from her! You can’t help but laugh at her frown.

All day ever day I still hear the words dada from her unless she wants milk, then it’s mama. Luna can also say hamster now and brother but it sounds more like b-b-bruda.

Luna also has a new favourite person this month and that is my youngest nephew, they have the sweetest little relationship, I always joked that I made him a little best friend.

This month Luna has learnt to wave, she has also learnt to point at everything that she wants while also pointing at things I ask her, the hamster being the most pointed at thing in the house. She can walk across the living room unaided! She is still wobbly on her feet at times so she mostly crawls still. Luna now wears 12 month clothes as she is so tall, her thigh are also nice and chunky which she will lose when walking.

All in all this month has flown by yet my girl has grown the most in one month that she ever has, learning wise. I didn’t mention the best bit! Luna has slept through more nights this month than she has not, we still get the odd 3am wake up call but I think that is down to her teeth. I am so excited for her birthday next month while knowing we have had such a beautiful year. I will be sharing with you next month her birth story that I wrote right after she was born, I haven’t even read it since so I’m excited to relive that moment when reading it.