Last month I let you have a peek in my Bullet Journal and now I’m sharing with you how my set up worked for me. Over the last month I have found my to do list really beneficial, I did half of the things that I wanted to do. I decided to do a review section in the back of my journal to reflect on the month – January. I also try to do to do things that could help me keep up with my all round yearly goals like more date nights, be more creative, things that make me happy ect.

As you will see from the above photo I didn’t do four things on my to do list, but why not? I asked myself the question, answered it, I then wrote a how to section and aimed to try something easier but along the same lines.

Swimming: why not? I did not go swimming because I do not own a swimming costume. How to next month? Buy a swimming costume.

Book: I couldn’t find an interest in the book I chose to read. How to next month? Pick a different book.

Desk: I chose to sort my daughters clothes out instead so I was productive with something. How to next month? Aim to maybe sort half of my desk if I cannot everything.

Date night: we were tired and found ourselves watching Vikings every night. How to next month? We will buy some junk food and have a date night at home.

I plan to do a review spread now after each month as it really helped me look at why I didn’t do something, ways to achieve it or to do something similar. It helped me with my to do list for February which I’ll be sharing with you next week. On the second page I dedicated it to my social media, twitter and Instagram, I don’t have time to focus on them all. I have a bloggers journal that I’m using so a lot of that page is in reference to my social media goals in there, I’m sure I’ll show you how I’m using my bloggers journal at some point as well.

I found it hard to think of some doodles for January so I ended up putting stickers on the blank spaces. February will be easy with it being the month of love and Lunas birthday, expect so many hearts in next months review.

I have finished my February pages all ready to start filling in. I kept it simple and kept to the same one page calendar like I did for January. Do you reflect on your month? If so do you find it helps like it has done me? I know I keep it simple and set realistic goals but it’s what works for me. Below is a little sneak peek at what I’m sharing next week.