I am here to share with you what we got up to last week, I really want to talk about this week, but I won’t. I will share with you next week how busy we have been this weekend, I’m so ready for bed. Last week was lovely as we found ourselves going out for the day, as a family for the first time in ages. I have also of course been eating all the good stuff, would you expect any different from me? I am so content with how balanced my life feels at the minute. Do you find balance while trying to juggle everything?

I have a new favourite chocolate, I’m gutted that I’ll have to wait until Christmas to buy it again – I hope they will sell them again. I could eat cinnamon all day everyday.

Luna is teething so bad at the minute, she is super clingy so last week I found myself struggling to cook dinner, my partner works late a lot. Sometimes you have to just order a take away and admit defeat. Don’t worry Luna doesn’t eat pizza! I am loving all of her cuddles though even if from 4 – 6 she cries if I dare put her down.

Luna is enjoying trying new food like Yollies, my son on the other hand isn’t as happy to share them.

We all went to a soft play area which turned out to be my favourite day of the year so far. My son ran around with his cousin, I went down slides with him, I watched Luna be in her element with all that she could climb/chew. We loved just seeing our kids enjoying life the way kids should.

My sons birthday is in May so I ordered the below shoes to put away until then, why not while the January sales were on.

What’s a bath without a bath bomb? I’ve got the worst skin at minute so I’ve been using face masks to help get some moisture into my skin, the cold weather isn’t helping. I’ve also been busy using my journals everyday which is impressive for me, I’m so forgetful.

The house has been smelling amazing recently with my burner melting some lovely scents. Do you use wax melts? I have a review coming up next week on some I’ve been using this week – not the one below.

I had a sweet week as well as a rather relaxing week. Tomorrow the kids are at school/nursery so I’m going to dye my hair, do some scrapbooking and watch the last episode of Les Miserables, have you been watching the new series? What did you do this weekend? Below is a sneak peak at the wax melts I’m posting about next week.