We are almost a week into February, February seems to be the month to get things done, with help from my bullet journal. Last week I had a little look back at how I did in January, I did half of the things I planned to do so lets see this month be even better. As is it is also the month of love I am so there for some self care love for myself.

I am going to do a doodle page again even though I could not think of many doodles to do last month, hearts and bows this month? Birthday balloons for Luna, it should be a full page come the end of the month. On my to do list for this month I have the following.

  • Read a book (One from last month)
  • Blog – is that cheating as this posts already ticks that one off.
  • Clean half of my desk.
  • Paint my nails.
  • Buy a swimming costume.
  • Celebrate Luna’s birthday.
  • Date night at home.
  • Scrapbook.
  • Pick a shift up at work.

A week into February and I have already ticked 5 of them off! I might add a few more into my bullet journal seeing as I am doing so well.

I want to share my blog posts more so I have made a page for Twitter retweet accounts, plus hashtags to use. Some retweet accounts prefer you to use their hashtags so they don’t get spammed with notifications.

I have also stuck with the standard easy one page calendar which I add to as events come up.

Today I did add a couple more pages which I sadly did’t photograph, not to worry I’ll share them in my review at the end of the month. One page is a print and another is a early Spring cleaning list – I start my Spring cleaning early. I have found it relaxing checking back to my journal each day to remind myself the things I aim to do, I also like being creative while adding new pages. Next month will be fun as I’ll be doing my Spring bucket list. Do write a Spring bucket list?