I like February, Spring is creeping even closer, it’s Lunas birthday month and I like any excuse to be all romantic. Do you like February? It’s a hard month with all of the rain, by now we are so over the early evenings and ready to get out and explore. Fear not as before we know it sunshine will soon be what wakes us and not the hail stones I’ve heard all week. On Monday while hiding from the horrible weather I dove into this months Treat Box, which has to be one of my favourites so far – how many times have I said that?

The moment that I finished taking photos I ate the chocolate lolly, It did not disappoint. I love the sticky notes which are now on my desk ready to use.

The monthly box has had trinket dishes before but they have never been as big as the one in this months box, it is indeed absolutely fabulous. In the box was also a nice sized bag which I have put all of my loose tea lights in.

My second favourite item(s) after the chocolate are the two cards, I know a couple of great women that need one for valentines. You don’t need to just give to your partner, sometimes a simple gesture to say you are loved is a needed gesture. The hand sanitiser is a perfect size to pop into my handbag so in there it awaits to be use.

This box shouted hey girl here’s some goodies because you deserve some nice things. I could write some notes, eat something yummy, keep germs away, store precious things and read powerful words. I will be sharing the cards to share the love that this box has given me this month.