I am excited to write about last week as it was very much a get up and get motivated kind of week, motivation isn’t easy to come by but once going there’s no stopping me. The company I work for sent me a letter saying they had under paid me in 2013-2014, back when I worked full-time. I didn’t expect much money. I was shocked to see 700 pounds sitting in my bank, thank you! I decided to buy some furniture with the money, a bunk bed for my son, a four door wardrobe for my room and a unit to put my toiletries on. With new furniture due my partner and I rearranged the living room and office as well as lots in our room. I needed a house that was more manageable because it was becoming very hard to keep on top of everything. I hate clutter, I like things perfect which we know doesn’t always happen around children. What can happen is organising everything so it’s easier to tidy up while looking less cluttered. You might be shocked, I am, but I love cleaning and organising, I get this satisfying buzz from it, the satisfaction comes when something is all clean and perfect. Nothing stays perfect for long with kids but now it’s easier to tidy up.

let’s start with what our living room looked like before, toys! Everywhere. I got every single item in the living room into a big pile. I sorted through everything and bagged up most of the toys ready for my sons room to be rearranged, I was shipping 90% of them upstairs. Now you will find two toy boxes in the living room and I’m happy for toys to come down, then back up the stairs, or even to rotate what’s in the toy boxes.

Doesn’t our living room look so much nicer? It’s an actual adults room now instead of a toy shop, I can sit in there and not find myself helplessly looking at things I can’t organise. Everything needs a home it was just hard to envision ideas as to where I should put things – if that makes any sense. Now when the kids make a mess I’m excited to clean up for the end result in the below picture.

Below is just a fraction of what our house has been looking like over the process. There’s just one job left to do, then next week I can show you my room. Tomorrow I’ll be on it and have everything perfect ready for the kids to mess up when back from school/nursery.

I had a migraine for five days out of seven last week! I went to bed one night at six, my partner so kindly cooked me dinner which I ate in bed. Since having Luna I have suffered with migraines a lot which is frustrating, maybe a trip to the doctors is needed next time I get hit with one.

My son has taken such an interest in learning to write words and letters, I could sit there all day and watch him write.

Having a migraine did not stop me from satisfying my sweet tooth. Have you tried the new Mr Kipling Unicorn Fancies?

After moving the house around last Sunday my partner took our son to the cinema, my head was on fire so I couldn’t go with them. We have had a lot of fun working together to get the house feeling more homely. I also love using the word manageable as it’s so true to its meaning, it’s crazy how much time I save now with things being more organised in the first place. I said last week that I would be sharing a wax melt post this week which will now be up tomorrow. Below is a little peek at some stuff I ordered which I’ll also show you next week, now the house is almost done I’ll have more time. Do you find yourself doing an early Spring clean?