I love it when my home smells inviting, when I walk into a room seeing it all clean while the air is filled with a sweet smell – I am one for sweeter scents. Last year I found a Charismatic Cat wax melt in my March treat box and one in my advent calendar. Both of the wax melts smelt amazing, the scents were marshmallow and candy cane. I knew I loved the company so I had to make myself a cheeky order to test out other scents, I did order the marshmallow scent again, the scent I found in the March Treat Box as it really was lovely.

The above scents were (left to right) lollipops and lemonade, and Blackberry and cinnamon. When ordering from Charismatic Cat I wanted to order some scents I had never tried before, ones that I have not heard of. I found the site had lots of unique scents that you would not find in other online wax melt shops. I loved the segment pots that the 2oz of wax came in, the pieces were easy to pop out, you can use one or two pieces – I use two which means there’s 3 uses in each pot for me.

My favourite scent that I ordered was the raspberry lemonade heart clamshells, they literally smell like summer to me. I only need to use one pieces at a time so I will get six uses from that item.

I use a small wax burner in my kitchen which only needs one piece from the snap bars. The scents I got (top to bottom) are Marshmallow, blue candy floss and unicorn pop tarts. I wasn’t a big fan of the unicorn pop tarts scent, I liked it but I didn’t love it as much as I did the other scents. The marshmallow scent I would 100% order again.

I wasn’t shocked that I loved my order from Charismatic Cat seeing as I tried two scents from them last year. I was annoyed with myself for not trying a few other scents that caught my eye recently, one being a snow fairy lush dupe! My favourite all time scent. Right now I have the raspberry lemonade one in my burner and it is indeed making me want some sunshine now, I am ready for beach days, are you? I can’t wait to get home after long days out, to put my burner on, all sun kissed and smiling while feeling all blissful.