Have you ever asked yourself why am I so tired at the minute? I have been for the past two weeks, I then do a post like this and go ah okay you have been super busy, it’s time to slow down. So I’ve been going to bed early, reading a book before bed, going for walks. Sometimes you need to just stop and give your mind some downtime if that makes sense? This post is about what I did before I pressed pause and relaxed this week over half term, this is what left me desperate for sleep and time to switch off.

The first thing that knocked me was being over eager to rearrange the house, my partner was at work and I knew if I didn’t finish it that weekend we would live in clutter for another week. My mum kindly had Luna while I took a double bed down, rebuilt it in another room, moved chest of draws, I basically swapped two rooms all on my own. I had the night before built a unit all on my own which took me three long hours- I went to bed really late. I probably shouldn’t have done so much on my own, I am a really impatient person, if I want something done I’m not one to just sit around and wait. On a positive note I was really happy with everything that I had done as the house is now more manageable.

(The below pile of stuff I spent 5 hours putting away/sorting out!)

I went for breakfast with my mum one day and couldn’t not get a hot chocolate. Who else gets really bad skin when they eat lots of chocolate? Let’s just say I need to cut back because my skin is the worst it has been in a long time.

Rob was so sweet and got me a few lovely things for Valentine’s Day, I loved the film, have you seen it?

Galentines – every year I try to get someone other than Rob a little you deserve it gift. The parents were lasts years lucky choices and this year I gave Robs sister a few things, just because, does there even have to be a reason to show someone that they deserve something nice.

I planned on buying myself some make-up as it is a thing, that used daily make-up tends to run out at the same time, mine did months ago. What did I spend that money on? Luna got a new pair of shoes as she is now walking, her last ones were pre walkers which no longer fit her. To be honest I hardly have enough time to brush my hair let alone apply some make-up.

I took Luna to Brewers Fair which I won’t be doing again, the baby bit is rubbish and stinks, the food was awful, it looked good but didn’t taste as good as I would have hoped and the staff looked miserable. I was happy to see my longest friend who I have not seen since September when she moved to Ipswich.

My son has a fascination with sticks and you could probably find a fair few that have made their way into our house. I guess stick painting is fun for a four-year old, sadly when I put them outside the rain washed them clean, oops!

After school one day my son asked me to help him toast marshmallows so I did, I think he will stick to eating them not toasted as them looking burnt wasn’t appealing to him.

I sorted my wax melts out while realising I really don’t need anymore for a while.

I have a new favourite obsession, unicornz, I had to pop to ASDA and pick up three packets after eating the one I ordered with my online shopping a few weeks back. Have you tried them yet? I also used my favourite bath bomb that I got for Christmas from my mum.

I did a lot more which I didn’t take photos of, I took Luna to a stay and play which I would like to say she loved but she became really insecure and unsettled, I will take her back and help her see that I’m there and that she will have lots of fun making new friends. I’ve also been practising in my calligraphy book, making meals to freeze for Luna, general house chores and listening to a lot of music as Luna is a fan of Lana Del Ray. This post is a look back to the two weeks before half term as exhaustion has given me no motivation to blog, again sometimes you need to switch off and go to bed early. What have you been doing over half term?