12 months of Luna, 12 months with two kids, 12 months have gone in a blink and it’s been beautiful. I now have a one year old and a soon to be five year old! The no sleep newborn days are all but a memory now, you know when Luna was recently still waking up every few hours? Well she has finally gifted me more sleep. Luna tends to sleep 6 – 7 which I fully appreciate. I am really late at posting this but that’s life, I have so much that I want to share with you, what we have been doing that is but for today I’ll share with you what we did for Lunas first birthday, and how she has grown over the past month.

My partners sisters boyfriend so kindly came over and took some lovely/messy photos of Luna, while she did a cake smash – she was in her element while eating lots of cake.

Before things got messy we did presents, Luna was so lucky with all of the beautiful gifts everyone got her. I didn’t get her a lot as I ordered her a trike which (frustratingly ) still has not arrived, I ordered it almost a month ago.

I have every month shared with you all of the fun things that Luna has been doing as well as learning, this will be the last one. Don’t worry I will still be posting about her I will just include things in my weekly life last week posts. So what has been new over these last four weeks?

Firstly I have never in my life met such a cuddly child, she likes to come over to me for a cuddle about a hundred times a day, maybe more. I have to admit I am so there for the cuddles.

Luna also like to destroy things, she is still climbing everything as well because that’s what one year olds do right? Don’t get me wrong I’ve rearranged the house a lot to make it safe and yet she still manages to find something to climb, or pull down.

We have been out and about more recently, on a Tuesday I take her to a local stay and play. On a Monday Luna now goes to nursery 9 – 3 which she is really enjoying and benefiting from – she was in there before but only 9 – 1.

I have also taken her to a few soft play areas.

I’m sad to say that I took her to an indoor swimming pool for the first time, I know how has it taken us nearly 12 months, especially with how much she enjoyed herself. My son doesn’t love swimming very much and I didn’t know Luna did so we are now determined to go more often.

I didn’t realise how much we have been out and about, maybe that’s why I am so tired, I find myself heading to bed at nine recently. I took the kids to the park a few times last month as well as go on a few walks.

Food, aw my girl most definitely has a love for food as I do, my son is also really good at eating lots of different things so I am lucky to not have fussy eaters. Luna does like to wear food but hey as long as some food goes in her mouth who am I to complain, you have to pick your battles.

My youngest nephew is obsessed with colouring in, Luna likes to eat the crayons so we are trying to help her learn that crayons are not food, she will get there.

during all of Lunas funny moments my son is there to laugh with me and say Luna what are you doing girl. I love having my son around, he’s so good at teaching her things as well as absorb some of her cuddles when I’m busy. I never ask my son to do things yet he welcomes any moment to play with his sister which makes him the best big brother.

I am pretty lucky and I wouldn’t change anything about the last twelve months in regards to my kids, maybe more sleep would have been nice though? Luna is one sweet girl yet very cheeky, you can’t help but smile at her even when she is up to something. Her temper makes me lost for words I kid you not she can scream. If Luna can’t work a toy the way she wants to she will let the world know, I’m currently trying to teach her patience which is easier said than done. Luna can now say brother, wave goodbye and kiss me when I ask her to. I have no doubt that the next 12 months will go by in a flash as it has done now.