I have not shared with you what we have been up to in ages! Grab a cuppa as I’ve got a lot to share, firstly I would like to share a confession. I have an unhealthy addiction with watching the telly, I just can’t help myself so come the evening I’m eager to sit down, snug in my pyjamas and binge watch a series. We are currently watching The 100 which I highly recommend – we are on season 2 with two episode left to watch. I’m also rewatching Poldark as I’ve now finished watching Call The Midewife for the second time. I’ve also watched Sex Education recently, Workin’ moms and The Umbrella Academy. I told you it really is unhealthy with how much I have watched. Here’s what I have been doing when not getting my television fix.

I read a really good book this month, it’s the second whole book that I’ve managed to finish this year. I loved how honest it was, it was funny, sad, shocking, eye-opening and just pretty good and highly recommend by many. The book is called This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. It’s a diary from when Adam was a doctor, he doesn’t hold back and gives you the highs and lows in what life is like for doctors, from when they first qualify to the sad day that Adam had to hand in his notice as his heart couldn’t take much more. I wanted to hug Adam when I finished the book.

Once a week I take Luna to a local stay and play which has become one of my favourite days of the week, she’s getting so confident recently and now enjoys being out of her comfort zone. We are working on teaching her that not everything should go into her mouth, the first thing she does with anything is try to eat it; we’ll get there.

I took both of the kids to a pyjama party at a soft play area. I felt really sad when my son (who has always played dressed up) felt uncomfortable to go out in pyjamas, he said will people laugh at me? I reassured him that it’s okay to be adventurous in life, that it’s important to do the things that make us happy while not caring what others think, he soon smiled and said okay let’s go.

I’ve mentioned Lunas birthday already but it is a big thing that we have done recently. Sweet girl is loved by so many, she brings sunshine to anyone that even looks at her.

We took the kids swimming Twice this month and I will admit I was not going to ever share the photo I took with my kids, I did which is the important thing. I want to be confident, love what I see and so on so my kids don’t learn to think of what they don’t like about themselves. I want them to appreciate what they have and if I can’t feel the same about myself then I’m a hypocrite so the first step was to just share the photo. I don’t even know if that all made sense but the point is I need to be better about not thinking negatively about how I look.

my partner and son made some delicious pancakes on pancake day.

I have been writing in my bullet journal almost everyday which is good, I’m getting good at writing to do lists and ticking everything off quickly.

I made my son an Easter bonnet, he picked what he wanted on it but he couldn’t do a lot as I only had a hot glue gun to put the stuff on with. He was happy enough and impressed that I added edible marshmallows.

Luna for once put a hat on and gave my mum the biggest smile for a photo.

My nephews mum owns a soft play area so one Friday a few of our school friends and myself took our kids there for tea after it had closed, the kids were very lucky to get the whole place to themselves, they were also lucky to get a Mc Donald’s.

I made my first Easter basket! I am so happy with how well they turned out, I made three, there is one for Logan and one for each of my two older nephews to share with their parents- I wouldn’t let Logan eat all of it by himself. I didn’t make my youngest nephew one or Luna as they will be getting healthier snacks.

We went to Truro to get the kids some new shoes and while there I found my new favourite snack, if you are near a Marks and Spencer’s don’t miss out and buy yourself some salted caramel and chocolate hot cross buns.

Luna and I have our first matching item, shoes. I just need to get me son a pair now and maybe Rob, yet kidding, kind of.

My favourite pen snapped which I was gutted about, I need to buy a new one ASAP as I have been practicing regularly, I fear a long break will take me back to square one.

while I popped to Trevaskis farm on Saturday I couldn’t help but take a look in the shop, how sweet are the below biscuits. I did buy a few pieces of cake from the restaurant.

Our hamster has escaped twice this month. I found by the second time it was the hamster who could open his cage door, I have now safely secured him, after I caught him for what I hope was the last time.

we got a box of Kinder bueno ice creams, they were eaten in one day, have you tried them yet?

I think I have just about covered some of what we have been doing, of course I’ve been doing day-to-day (boring) things like cleaning, washing, cooking and lots of reading and writing with my first born. We have also found ourselves at the park a lot or going for little walks.Β I’m no super hero maybe my television addiction is due to needing to sit down after busy days. What have you been doing this month? Have you over indulged in screen time?