I am here rewriting this post for the second time, which is very frustrating considering I wrote in my first post how time to blog was limited, well nonexistent as I’ve not blogging in months. I wrote about what I had been up to a few weeks back which I must have not saved. It was then half term so I had no chance to rewrite this post, I knew between Luna being one and two life would be very busy so blogging is at the very bottom of my to do list – Greys Anatomy is way ahead as I’m on season four in the space of two weeks. I’ve also read lots of books and kept up with writing in my bullet journal regularly the past few months. I have also been doing lots with my family which you will see below, I’ll apologise now for the overload on photos.

I am replacing my life last week posts to Treasuring sweet moments so I can post when I can what we have been doing ect.

Sweet little Luna is such a happy toddler who loves exploring now. Luna much prefers to be walking around rather than sit in a pram.

Luna still naps for two to three hours a day, three of its been a busy morning/day.

We found that Luna loves to eat sand, no matter what I say or do she still feels the need to have a mouthful while smiling.

My son loves going to the beach to spend the day in the sea or building sandcastles.

We have been to Trevaskis farm a few times, one time we had to get a few of the donuts they sold over Eater.

We went out for a lovely roast finished with cake.

I did some scrapbooking with my son as he’s really into crafts.

My son got a fun unicorn paint book for Easter that my mum got him, all you need to add is water and the colours come out.

for my youngest nephews birthday we went to Newquay zoo for the day.

Ohh How Lovely were selling some Easter wax products that I needed to try, I am not a fan of the cupcake scent bar but the other two were winners.

For Mother’s Day I got a beautiful new burner as well as some wax that I am yet to photograph.

There was a Sainsbury’s sale on so I stocked up on the kids next sizes, I resent buying things not on sale now after spending £50 last autumn to find everything went on sale a week later.

I went to The Rock Pool Cafe in Mousehole with my mum and dad, my mum and I agreed that they had the best tasting scones we had ever tried.

Luna went to her first disco, well, she gatecrashed her brothers school Easter disco.

Anything that is a unicorn we have to buy and try.

I already mentioned how I’ve read lots of books recently and one of the was The Language Of Kindness. I love getting into bed early at the minute to read for half an hour before I sleep, I also find reading before bed is helping me fall asleep quicker.

We have been to the arcade a couple of times, they got a new game in that the kids love.

As the sun started to come out it meant one thing, Jelberts, Lunas first one infact and the girl agree that the ice cream tasted good.

I tried the below Origami set that I got for Christmas and it was rubbish, after a few attempts the instructions showed to be Poorly designed, that or I’m just rubbish at origami!

We have been to St Ives a lot over the past few months to visit my nan which has been nice. We like to go to a place called The Balcony.

We also went to St Ives ones to go to The food festival that they have on every year. I love seeing all the fun stalls, food and things for the kids to do.

What kid does not love comics? My son has a great Auntie who treats him and his cousin to a comic on Thursdays and we love the craft ones.

My mum treated us to some afternoon tea after I had been saying for months how I really wanted to have one. We are hoping to try a local hotel next, I also want to throw an afternoon tea party just for fun.

What a busy, yummy few months, if you know me you will know I have one big sweet tooth. We did so much more including park days, bbqs, waterballoon throwing, Easter egg hunt and much more which I enjoyed away from my phone. I generally need two hands free to pick Luna up as she’s constantly climbing, running off and so on. Luna is napping right now so I might squeeze in an episode of Greys Anatomy, have you watched it before?