At the The start of the year I told myself I wanted to do monthly bullet journal posts, that’s if I managed to keep up with my journal, I did one of the two. Although I’ve not shared my pages I have been regularly using my shine bright productivity journal. I want to share what hasn’t worked and what has, do you bullet journal and if so what works for you?

I am no longer doing a doodle page after each month as I have found it hard to think of doodles. I have been doing my each month start pages with a brush pen or nib pen to see how I am developing those skills, my June page compared to my January page really helped me realise I’m getting a lot better. I am also enjoying exploring with different colours.

I am still finding the contents pages so helpful to find a page that I need quick rather than flipping through a hundred pages.

When I watch a series I like to track how much I’ve watched, I’m getting through Greys Anatomy fast, I’ve still got ten seasons to get through though! I don’t go all out on those pages I keep it quick and simple.

I’ve also been tracking what films I watch and books I read, last year I didn’t even read one whole book so it’s nice to see I’m making more time to do so. As you will see I watch more kids films than I do grown up films. I did do a movie and books spread earlier in my journal but Luna got hold of it and ripped them out, it is now kept up higher.

I did my first bucket list of the year, I’ve come to realise I only need two a year and to do a Spring and Summer one and a Autumn and Winter one to give myself more time to do everything as well, as I tend to do the same things between the two seasons. I should of in theory put Spring and then Summer below but I have learnt to embrace mistakes.

The best thing about my bullet journal is my monthly to dos and then a monthly end of month review to give me an insight on what I’ve done, what I haven’t and how I can do so next month. I don’t write unrealistic things I try and do things I fully intend to do.

April was not the best month on doing my to do list, in May I did everything as from reviewing my April pages I added to dos that could help me complete my intended tasks. My review pages are also helping me to see I’m only posting on Instagram once a month at the minute. by May I’ve stopped adding in my social media box, I’m just not into social media currently which is fine.

There’s a few pages I didn’t share like a rant box, my diary pages where I try and write how I’m feeling or what I’ve been up to and my second favourite pages, my things to do when bored – pages I look at a lot. I don’t spend hours on my bullet journal I keep it easy to read and just add stickers and washi tape. I think as my writing skills get better that itself will help my bullet journal look more creative. I only have 50 or so pages left in this journal so now comes the what journal next? I love my journal from Got2Jot but I want to explore different brands, what journal do you use or love?

(Also don’t rip pages out in your journal, in doing so I weakened mine so now a few other pages are coming away, a tip you might already know and one I wish someone had told me.)