I said to my partner yesterday that this week is going to be a good week, he just phoned me to inform me I was wrong as he’s in hospital awaiting an X-ray after maybe breaking his arm, I also woke up with a cold. There’s still six days to make the week better ey, but for now I’ll look back on the recent positives.

Every night while binge watching Greys Anatomy I’ve been practicing with different brush pens, colours and different writing styles ready for when I get my next bullet journal. I’m pleased with myself for wanting to learn something and not give up when it seems hard, It’s still hard but with more practice I’ll get there, I’m learning to embrace imperfections.

I have also been using an adult colouring book which is actually a little sneak peak as I will post about it and some pens this week.

Last night I read a lovely book with my son then he asked me to draw him a picture from the book, he was so happy this morning when I showed him and now he has asked me to draw him more pictures.

My friend who moved away last year came down for the weekend with her partner so we took him to Trevaskis farm to see one of Cornwalls treasures, we are so lucky to live in a place that’s like a holiday from home with so much to do. When we spotted the donuts in the gift shop we had to try the rolo one.

My son turned five just under a month ago! I can’t believe I have a five year old, he is the sweetest, most caring and loving child, so much so Luna is copying him so much with cuddles and kisses, I am well and truly spoilt. We had a little joint birthday party with my middle nephew at a soft play, the day turned out really well and much more calmer than when I have done parties at home. My son was so lucky with how much love he got.

Birthdays equal presents so we have been busy playing with everything. My son got some birthday money which he decided to spend on lego, we love building the big sets which some of his friends also got him.

We have had some sunshine which didn’t stay for long so we hope that there will be more for more beach trips. We went to St Ives and got fish and chips, we watched the seagulls snatch everyones food all day – I ate under a table I was not having ten pounds worth of food stolen.

I met some friends for some drink but the moment I went into The Front Room in Penzance I had to ask if they still had some brownies I spotted on Instagram, I then went back a few days later a got one to takeaway because they are delicious.


If you have not tried the unicorn jug/cocktail in Weatherspoons please do and then lets talk about how it’s the perfect summer drink.

My mum got Luna the sweetest top, I don’t buy Luna as many clothes anymore as she just stains everything so it’s disshearting to spend a lot on clothes that get ruined.

Luna’s hair can finally go up, only for a moment as she pulls the hairband out, I can’t wait to plate it and try different styles in her hair as my mum did to me.

If I take Luna to the park she likes to spend the whole time on the swing laughing while I tickle her.

I won something! I was so happy and could not believe my luck when I got a message from Cake Angel saying I had won the giveaway I had entered on Instagram by liking the post and tagging a friend, I love each an every prize. I can’t even say what my favourite item is as I’ve lusted after a lot of the items before including the cookbook, glitter gin and the baking stuff.

I have tried and testes the strawberry and coconut gin, I personally have never tried gin before as I thought it was bitter, how wrong I was. I love the Unicorn shimmer Co items I went onto their site and saw some candy floss gin that I am tempter to get for my birthday.

I love salted caramel so when I saw that the Aero bliss chocolates had that as one of the flavours I treated myself. For three pounds it’s not something I would buy regularly but it is something I would buy again as treat.

I opened this months treat box and saw so many lovely items, I could not fault this months box and the cookie almost looked too good to eat, I say almost as you bet I tucked in right away.

Lastly although it was fathers day yesterday I was feeling a tad unwell and tired with Luna waking me up at five so I was treated, I had a nap and the boys made me pancakes, that’s why my partner is great, that itself shows how selfless he is. I said how this week hasn’t started off great so I remind myself that I am lucky be that with the people I have in my life. I an also lucky that although I have a cold I can still function, I must function and hoover. What has made you smile recently?