For two years I have wanted to share with you an honest review on the Santoro Gorjuss water colour pens, better late than never ey! I was given some birthday money back then and knew instantly what to spend my money on after lusting over the two sets for ages. There are two sets of the water colours, with 12 different colours in each packet, I needed them all.

Annoyingly I had misplaced one of the pens in the brighter set but fear not I have since taking these photos found it. I will add that considering I have had these pens for a few years now as you can see from the swatches the pens have not faded, dried out or been completely lost thanks to the case they came in.

As I have mentioned there are two sets which are very different to one another as you can see above. They do not bleed through paper which is a big must for me as I have been using the brush tip side a lot in my bullet journal. They are double sided with a regular tip on one side and a brush pen on the other.

You can adjust the length of the brush pen as I have showed you above, the brush pens are sturdy but I have found that the very tip of it is easily damaged on low quality paper, or through general use. I can still use the pens I just have to go very slowly and touch up my letters slightly when used for calligraphy. As you will see below if you look carefully the brush pen isn’t perfectly smooth from damage/soft tip so my letters are left with rougher edges. I am now very picky with what paper I use my pens on.

When buying these pens I had no interest in using them for calligraphy, I wanted them for the watercolour use which didn’t please me until recently. As you can see above to draw onto the watercolour paper to then add water doesn’t work, I needed to experiment a little to find what worked for me.

What works for me is to transfer some colour onto a stamp block to then pick the colour up with a paintbrush. With stationery you have to find what works for you, I gave up after the first attempt a few years back to only recently find a way that works for me.

Sadly when using with water on watercolour paper it does bleed through a lot though I wouldn’t use both sides usually anyway.

The other main reason I wanted this Santoro water colour set was to use with my stamps. I found the colours easy to blend, they look so effective, the 24 different colours were enough as I could also blend two colours together on the stamp block.

Above you get the first look at the other tip which I personally hardly use which is why I do not have a lot to say on it, it’s nice to write with or use for colouring. I use the other tip in my Santoro Gorjuss colouring book which I will share in more detail with you soon (The above picture is a page from the colouring book). There is also another pen in the above photo which I will talk about soon, spoiler there isn’t glitter in these pens but there is in the photo. I love these sets but If you had asked a year ago I would have said I hated them. I need to experiment with my stuff more and find what works, I am glad that I did not write a review on the dual- tip pens when I first got them, I am mostly glad that I gave them another go. Have you tried this set or would you add them to your pen collection? I got my sets from The Range but I did just spot them on sale on Amazon at the minute.