I have spent a good ten minutes trying to start this post, I said last time how luck was not on our side at the minute and things got even worse. Robs arm might need surgery as his nerves are not healing as quick as they should. I have decided to work more which has turned out to be the best decision, I didn’t realise how much of my independence I had lost this year so it’s nice earning my own money, having a reason to put some make-up on and feeling motivated away from home life. I love my kids but being stuck in the same routine is not healthy, it’s also good to miss my kids and appreciate the days I do get with them if that makes sense. Although life isn’t all rosey this post is a brilliant gratitude kind of post on what I should be grateful for.

I have not baked in forever so it was nice to cover the kitchen in flour. I am getting really good at making cupcakes, the last time I baked some I forgot to fold in the flour so this time I was well aware, they were nice and fluffy inside.

I got my third ever bullet journal and fell deeply inlove with the cover and fact that the paper is 160GSM, I will share much more when I have had more time to do my August spreads. You will see a peak below at my contents pages that I did as the journal did not have them which for me is a must.

Robs sister and partner treated us to a meal and movie night at the cinema, we felt deep gratitude, we never get time to go out so it was nice to get some adult company away from kids. The food was good, the company was good and Spiderman was really good, it even left me laughing a few times.

The best days can be a simple park trip, Luna is obsessed with Rob which is pretty special to see. They are so alike and our son is more like me.

I took Luna to Pets At Home and she lost her little mind over the bunnies, our rabbit sadly passed away before animals became her everything. If we see a dog we have to stop and say hello. I love hearing Luna say doggy which sounds like dody from her lips. We then had some lunch at costa which was our first solo costa trip together and normally something I do with my oldest.

I got a Christmas present, oops I said the C word in July. If you follow me you will already be well aware of my love for a good bargain and when I spotted the below lego set for half price in Sainsburys I couldn’t not get it. To be honest every year I buy the odd thing in advance and I have never been running around in December buying overly priced toys, I couldn’t afford to do so either so hello bargains.

Luna sleeps in a toddler bed at nursery now which is not okay on my heart, how is she in a big girl bed? I am not brave enough to do it at home yet, bedtimes would not be fun.

We have good sisters as my sister treated us to a meadry last week. I love the meadry as it holds many childhood memories for us, dressing us, getting a bus home when it was dark, death by chocolate cake, wanting to use the loo every ten minutes to wonder around, blowing out the candles. I was gutted that my son asked to not go but instead go to his Graddads, it is nice though that he wanted to see his granddad and sees his home as a comfort when tired and not up for going out. luna was so there for the ice-cream.

The weather has been lovely so we have been outside as much as possible. My son found some dead fish and wanted to take them to my dad to go fishing with, he also spotted lots of crabs and alive fish.

It was Mazy day so we used lots of glitter and headed into our local town to celebrate as we do every year. This year was the first year we did not watch the parade as we were in it.

Last week we went on lots of little walks around where we live as Luna loves to explore. Luna is so fascinated by everything, every bug, bird, flower and even noise. I find her so fun to hang out with and love how excited she gets when it hits three and I say lets go and get brother from school, he is her favourite person.

We took the kids to a bouncy castle event which was six pounds for two hours to use 10/11 different bouncy castles, meet Micky and mini and have their faces painted. Luna could only go on one of the bouncy castles but she was happy.

I am grateful for family, I am grateful for time and I am grateful for my ability to see the good in things. I know that when things don’t always turn out great the goods days will soon follow. It’s summer half term soon which I am excited for, to spend time with my son as my mum reminded me with each summer that passes brings one less Summer until my kids don’t want to be hanging out with me. A very sad but true fact that means I might only get say ten summers if I am lucky with my son. What are your plans for Summer?