I have lost count on how many times this year I have said no more wax melts, I have enough to last the year and more. It’s so hard though when you see some beautiful collections and new scents you have not tried. I love supporting small businesses which is a big reason why I like to try different companies, even if I can give a little to each company that can be so big to the person/people who are trying to earn a living. I instantly felt drawn to Blush Wax with the attention to detail, the names of the scents, the person herself behind the small business, a mum with two kids finding passion in something she loves while trying to balance work and Homelife. I myself with two children know full well the pressure of life, to get that right balance, balance I am still searching for! These wax melts can help me in so many ways by just making my home smell, I guess homely, even if my house is messy my favourite wax melt can fill the air and at least smell like comfort.

I will confess now that I have in total made three, maybe four orders this year, that itself says how much I love the wax melts from Blush, I need them all. When I first ordered some the main ones I wanted were sold out so when they did a restock a few days later I acted fast and got myself some of the most popular ones on the site. Unknown to me back then months ago they restock regularly so you don’t miss out for long.

Lets talk scents, sweet home filling, delicious scents, I have my favourite burning right now. My favourite product is the wax brittle, the clean breeze mermaid one- I am now on my second bag. I am happy with how much brittle I get for what I pay and how lovely are the below mermaids and the turtles, the pink sands turtle brittle is one of the popular ones that tempted me into making the second order.

The unicorn one below is called sugar frosting, the first one I used as I did order three of those because you know me and unicorns. The ice-cream one is called blueberry cheese cake ice-cream , admittedly on first impressions when I smelt it I was not keen and I am yet to burn it. Luckily I have a few friends who use wax melts so I can always save some for birthdays if the scent isn’t for me. The heart one Is I think from the Valentines collection, the main problem with my desire to order more is the new collections that keep coming out, the Summer collection went up recently and I already have my eye on a few of them.

I had never tried perfume inspired scents before and still don’t know how I feel about them. I have only used one once and did like it but I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it smells like I have spilt a bottle of perfume. Don’t get me wrong they are not over powering, I like it I am just so use to food inspired, flowers, sweetie scents and even cleaning product inspired ones. Saying all of this I am very seasonal with what scents I use and can’t think of when I would use perfume scents other than when getting ready for a night in the town. Something I do maybe once a year.

What are your favourite wax melt scents? Are you a sweet kinda person or totally there for your home smelling like zoflora? I am yet to try any Zoflora inspired ones so if you do please let me know if it’s worth me giving them ago.

I have tried scoopable wax before and love the stuff. I am halfway through the below pot which smells just like the scent snow fairy that Lush do over Christmas, a scent I use when having a bath. I love how with the scoopable wax, brittle wax and melt pots you can find most of the scents in each product, there is something for everyone, be that you only want to spend a little bit on a melt pot, or be a little naughty and pay a bit more for some brittle. With the scoopable wax you get so much as you can see by the photo, you can get two uses with the melt pots, I couldn’t even guess how many times I have uses the scooplabe wax.

In the blush shop there is some wax melts and I have the below one and a cut grass scent that I have not got a photo of, I took these photos months ago to write about after I had used lots of the products for an honest review.

I think I have said everything I can about what I think of my orders from the Blush Wax Co company . I like that they are vegan friendly, there’s also other products I have not tried like room spritz, clamshells and there is a sale section. With each order you get a loyalty card which is pictured below- back when I was only on order number two. When you make five orders you get a fiver off on your sixth order. I am excited to see what Autumn scents come out after Summer as Autumn is my favourite season. What scents do you like for different seasons? I know that at Christmas I am so there for the scent candy cane.