As promised, I am here to share with you an update on how I’ve developed my skills in modern calligraphy with my calligraphy journal. I last spoke about my journal from Paperchase Here if you fancy a read. As I’ve said before there are four sections in the journal and today I want to share with you the first section (modern calligraphy) in more detail and if it worked or not for me.

I will start with the first thing that I learnt, I learnt that some inks bleed through on even 160GMS paper! And some don’t. I think it might be down to the brand of ink I use as the Windsor & Newton inks that I own do not bleed, I do have to give them a good shake as well as the colour sits at the bottom. I’ve also found that if I don’t shake my ink enough before use the ink pigment isn’t as clear to see. With using a nib pen I had to try and find one that worked for me and ink that I liked.

The purple ink in the photos which bleed was an ink that was scented Parma violets. The brand was called Herbin and not one I’m keen to try again. The silver and gold inks are so lovely to use, they were not too runny yet came off my nib pen perfectly when I first started to practice.

It has taken me awhile to do lots in this section from the fact that when you do a practice page you then have to leave the ink dry, that or it ends up looking like my below photo- ink from the page next to it dotted around.

I found the practice pages great but as I had to keep coming back to let it dry it was hard to get a lot of time in one sitting to practice, I had to use a note book next to it to get full use out of my spare time. I had to as well use a notebook because in the journal you get to practice a couple of times in say capitals to then try it with none capital letters. My brain needs to do something over and over again to register it properly if that makes sense. I can’t learn more than one thing at once.

Don’t get me wrong there are practice pages in that section to practice more but I need to see each letter still to copy them. I could use my phone and search the letters (thank you google) to practice on the guidelines.

Down below is a perfect example of what I needed for each letter, from writing out the word love over and over again it really helped me.

Towards the back of the first section there are some prints for you to go over which I really liked the look of, there is also some blank pages for me to make my own prints from what I’ve learnt. I have learnt a lot and when I try my skills with modern calligraphy I can see a huge improvement. I did not love the nub pens I have so I have saved a portion of the first section for when I find a pen that really works for me. I really thought I would love this section and struggle with the next one, brush pens, but that turned out to be my favourite. Overall the first section was helpful but needed to focus a bit more on the letters as the words I could have learnt once I’d mastered the letters more. I will see if I find a better pen and more time to practice as I did on the second section which I will share soon.