It’s my blogs third birthday today, I remember the day that I decided to use this space to help me with so many things, to also help others see the simpler things in life as the greatest treasurers. Things can seem meh but when you look at life as a whole there’s so much to appreciate and there’s always room for improvement. I have said how obsessed I am with Greys Anatomy at the minute and one episode has stuck to me, a simple sentence, how when you are lost maybe you just need to start again from the beginning, go back to what makes you happy and grow again. This Summer while I get 6 weeks with my son I am going to bake, go on little walks, lounge around in our pyjamas, since he started school I feel like I have hardly seen him so I am starting again and doing all of the fun things we use to do that I blogged about three years ago. Here’s the simple sweet moments from recently. 


On Monday I had the day to myself and decided to read a book in bed and then take a very long needed nap. I could have done house work, wasted time on my phone or I could just slow down and do something I usually can’t.

I sorted through my wax melt collection, I know there’s a lot but I go through so many as I have two burners on almost every evening- one in the kitchen and one in the living room.

I went to St.Ives with the kids, we went with my mum and dad and met my Gran and Auntie. We ate good food, played on the beach which was bliss. Luna is getting better at not eating the sand. While in St.Ives my Gran got the kids a toy each so that evening my son was excited to build his lego set.

I found the below drinks in B&M for £1.15 each. I liked them yet my brain said I shouldn’t, they were so wrong but so right, I couldn’t drink more than one at a time as they are sickly.

You can tell it is Summer with all of the sweet drinks. My sister finally found my the new Kopparberg Gin In ASDA, I am a fan but I wouldn’t buy the big bottle for £25!

We went to my friends sons birthday party which turned into me needing a power nap after at my mums, five am start from Luna to then chase her around for hours did me in. Luna is now finally starting to learn words instead of grunting everything at me, two new words this week are bear and my favourite to hear is ow.

Have you seen all of the Toy Story merchandise everywhere? We have not seen the new film yet but my son is a fan of the others. I got him a really annoying toy, well the toy was not annoying we were while arguing over how to play it. I wondered why he just wanted to control what we did and how we played it and why he was not listening yet I wasn’t either, we are so a like and both need to learn how to listen and work as a team better. We did come to an agreement and both had a turn playing it the way we each wanted to.

I got the below Tombow soft brush pen and now want the full set, it’s my birthday soon …

I was chuffed with how nice my writing looked, all credit goes to the pen as I cannot get it looking like that with other brands.

If I see the word new on a packet of sweets I have to give them a taste test. I wouldn’t get the squish’ems packet again but I would the sour ones.

I mentioned appreciating the simple things in life and below is everything to a parent, to throw some shoes in the washing machine to see they did not get destroyed and looked brand new. I am easily pleased.

I also blogged a lot last week which was great and I have had a small Spring clean as the I will sort you later piles around the house got out of hand. We are heading to the cinema tomorrow to watch The Lion King, have you seen it? I hope that you have some fun things planned to do over Summer.