I have wanted to update my about page for awhile now but I have avoided it, it is so hard to write about yourself, my blog is me it is what I love, the things I like to do and it includes my family. I started this blog (originally prettylittlethings2016) just over three years ago. If you go back three years ago I had a two year old, I worked, I had no hobbies and needed something so I figured maybe I will blog and see if that could help me grow as well as learn. I also wanted this space to be like a diary. Over the years I would say this space has helped me share so much with people, but mostly, it helps me reflect on life, it pushes me to get creative and try new things. I love reflecting on my posts to appreciate the simpler things. If I was to describe my blog I would say it’s a place to find motivation, to learn and to realise that a little bit of self care can go along way. Here’s a bit more about about me …

My name is Dominique and I love stationery, binge watching Tv series, cake, unicorns, my two kids, naps, shopping, reading and I love Autumn, I’m so there for the Hygge life. I had post natal depression after my first child, my son and since then I’ve learnt how important it is to to make time for yourself and do what motivates you. I share when I can a post series called Treasuring sweet moments, it’s mostly day to day stuff I’ve been doing, eating or watching. I like to share stationery items I’m into or places I’ve been to. I use to do baking posts but having two kids does not leave me with much time to do so now. I am big on bargains so if there’s a sale on I’m there, don’t you just hate it when you buy something and it goes on sale a week later! I’m 25 soon, I work as a career in a place I’ve worked in for six years now. I also love more than anything to take photos, to capture the best moments in life to treasure forever.

I have a son and a daughter, I stopped using my sons name on here when he started school, as my kids get older they won’t be on my blog because you can already google my daughters name which she might find embarrassing one day.

As I grow my blog changes, the things I’m into changes so I would class this as a lifestyle blog. Do you have a blog? Do you read my blog and if so how would you describe it?