How are you surviving the Summer half term? For me personally I am mostly disappointed in myself for not enjoying this time, I am stressing about mess, the kids arguing, the no motivation to go out as Luna is at a really tricky screaming stage unless home. My son wants to colour and my daughter wants to climb on him making him scream and cry that his drawings are ruined. There’s only so many park trips and all of the above has me frustrated as I was so excited for half term. I do keep saying to myself though that next Summer will be better with Luna being 2, maybe she wont eat the sand, she might even let me have a moment to watch my son in the sea, just maybe. I have said it before and I will say it again my least favourite kids age is 1 – 2 because the word no is funny to them, they do not sit still for a moment and they can bite, she got me a beaut this week. Okay I will stop moaning and go into what has made me smile over half term, I will miss these moments when school starts and not remember the constant messy house.

We as in Rob, our son and I went to the cinema to watch The Lion King, we are always all together the four of us but Luna can’t go to the cinema so she missed out, I can’t wait to take both of the kids to watch films one day.

As we can’t do a lot of things during the day with a wild one year old running around we use nap time and Lunas 7pm bedtime for some fun. We baked the below cookies that we got in B&M – I would pick up a jar again they tasted lovely.

I watched my nephew for the day and to say thank you my sister got me the below hand washes, appreciated but they smell disgusting. Sorry Charlotte but the thought we cute.

We went blackberry picking! The kids love fruit so not many of them made it home.

I spotted some of my birthday presents at my mums, I’m so excited, I am going to spend so many hours playing with all the stationery goodies, expect a birthday present haul soon.

We headed to St.Ives for the day, a day which turned out so lovely and one of my favourite moments this summer. Both kids spent ages in the sea, built sandcastles, ate pancakes and pizza under an umbrella so the seagulls didn’t attack us. I’m lucky that if my mums free and going somewhere I can join her while she helps me, be that taking my oldest into the sea while Luna runs up and down the beach with me watching her.

Emma over at A Cornish Geek is the biggest stationery influencer I know, she told me about a Calligraphy magazine so just like that I was £5.99 down but very happy. I have subscribed for the next 3 issues for just £6! The magazine is called Simply Lettering and I will link them Here for you, even if you just want some tips or inspiration there’s plenty of that just on there site. The first issue had so many step by step projects, two pens, a practice sheet and enough tips to help me develop my skills.

I told myself I would buy a needed pencil case with my spare money but saw the below top and knew my nephew would love it, he was so chuffed and appreciative.

Although I might be finding half term very hard to multitask between two kids there is one thing that has my back, chocolate, had a bad day? Treat yourself you deserve it.

Lunas nanny went on holiday and got her a cute skittles set, for some reason Luna brings them into the kitchen as she likes the loud bang from the ball on the floor.

We went to a free family fun day which included a bbq, bouncy castle, tattoos, a police van and lots of fun hats for the kids to try on. It was held next to a park so the kids also had fun in there.

I will admit that while writing this I have realised that it’s not been as bad as I thought, we’ve still done a fair bit, the kids have been happy enough in between arguing with each other. I am lucky that I get help with the kids, robs dad took my son out for the day, I’ve still been doing journaling with my son and writing practice, we have had rainy day picnics with Disney films. There’s two weeks left and I’m going to try and worry less on the silly stuff like chores and realise that although Luna is hard she’s also learning, although I’m rubbish at multitasking I am lucky to get help. I hope you have a good last few weeks of half term.