When choosing what bullet journal to use next social media lead me to Archer and Olive , so many people were raving about them so I had to get one myself and see what all the fuss was about. There was so many covers for me to choose from, I felt like I was in a sweet shop taking an age to choose, I went with the bee one below. I had to pay import tax on the journal when it arrived but I got it when on offer so It worked out well enough cost wise. I say well enough but it is definitely the most I have ever spent on a journal, was it worth the cost? Absolutely. Here’s why.

The main thing that had me hit order was the 160gsm ultra thick paper – perfect for anyone that loves to use watercolours. firstly I did a pen test and found only a sharpie and a trio blend Spectrum Noir bleed. I also liked that the paper was really white which my Shine Bright Productive journal was, my Leuchttrum1917 has cream pages which in comparison I prefer the white paper.

For me I love a journal that has contents pages and page numbers which the Archer and Olive did not have, I have added them myself but I would of loved the journal to of at least had page numbers.

Below is a little fox that I did with water colours, I could lag the paper in water and it held so well, there was no bleeding and once dry the paper kept its shape really well. I got a A5 journal and the dots are 27×39.

On the website when reading up about the journal it said that they lie completely flat, this wasn’t always the case for me I found when trying to take photos but it did stay flatter than my previous two used journals.

There are two page ribbons, a pen hoop and a this journal belongs to ……… page. I am using this journal for the rest of the year and feel like I would order one again to use for Calligraphy practice, watercolours ect. The main reason I would not use it as my bullet journal again comes down to the cost, I can go through 2/3 bullet journals in one year. I have seen some online shops in the UK stocking the Archer And Olive journals, take away the import fees by buying locally would help with the cost. I consider this journal precious (the paper really is everything) so to get through it quickly would be disheartening. I am sticking the new 200gsm journal on my Christmas wishlist so I can have one to doodle in. My mum got me a black out book from Archer and Olive which I will post about soon, black paper is a game changer. What is your favourite bullet journal to use?