The new school term is getting closer, the evenings are getting darker and just like that Autumn is sprinkling it’s I’m coming chill. The stores are stocking Halloween decorations, costumes and even Christmas goodies, I’m not ready for Christmas so they can chill out for a moment. In reality though many people get paid a monthly wage, that’s three pay days so it makes sense many start stocking up slowly now. As I wave goodbye to summer half term in four days I want to take a moment to appreciate a few things. I can’t help but feel my heart strings tug when I think of my sweet son in his school uniform, school tie and new responsibilities to come, I will no longer walk him into class, I will be now sadly waving him goodbye to him at the school hall. They say it’s harder on us than it is them and I see that as he’s getting rather excited to see his friends now. Here’s what else I’ll savour from Summer 2019.

One thing my son and I have always loved doing it going out for food, ice cream and a milkshake. We got halfway through our food and it became clear we needed to leave after Luna would not stop screaming. We got some treats and went to the park though and declared that baby girl was a tired cheeky girl – we laugh it off when Luna throws our plans out the window.

We got some school supplies, my son always had pen or paint all over himself last year so I enjoy buying him stationery to get creative with. I love seeing him get lost in one of my journals he’s stolen from me.

Talking of stationery my daughter can reach everything now I found. My pens were everywhere, only one got ruined. I keep my pens in the living room as the conservatory gets too hot so I fear my pens will dry out.

I got some Biro Pens and started to Shade with one to find my mind blown at how easy they are to work with. It then hit me, I used them regularly in my teens and completely forgot so I’d opened up an old memory.

I’ve also been working a lot with paint these last few weeks, I need a lot more practice! I am good with water colour pencils but watercolour paints are unpredictable and harder to control. Practice makes perfect right.

We went for a family picnic with Robs sister and our nephew. We then went for a little wonder down to the sea which was nice.

The kids and I met up with some friends at our local which has a small park, us parents spent the whole time running away from hundreds of wasps that kept landing on us, our food and drinks. We will eat inside next time.

Baths alone are a rare thing to come by, one of my kids is either climbing in or screaming next to me that they want to get in. I can sometimes sneak one though and you bet I used some bathdust and watched a few episodes of Workin’ moms on Netflix- They just uploaded season 3 the other day.

It was my birthday on Thursday and I was very spoilt, I will do a birthday present haul next week. I was suppose to go for afternoon tea on Friday but got hit with a stomach flu so rearranged it for next week. I did get lots of cake on my birthday. My sister got me a cake and my nephew pulled it off the counter, he loves cake ha! Rob also got me the below cake and some unicorn cupcakes.

Last week I also finished a book that is one of the best books I’ve personally read, it really opened my mind to appreciate life, that my morning toast would have been everything to someone, that my bed is a luxury, that this world can be so cruel. Everyone needs to read The Librarian Of Auschwitz.

What shall I do for the last three days I have with my son? I do know that we still need to go and get school shoes! Oops, I have left it so last minute but at least all of the school uniform is hanging up ready.