Lets all be honest and admit that we love a little nosey at what people get for their birthday, I know I do. It’s also nice to see what people are into as presents are a personal thing, it leaves people really thinking about you as a person and what you like. Everyone got it so right I am so thankful for each item from candles to lots and lots of fun pens. I don’t write who got me each present as that would take awhile but as I write that I can’t help but think I am also lucky to have so many people in my life, be that they took the time to send me a lovely card. Lets dive to it and firstly appreciate the fun wrapping paper.

I love pens can you tell? I had to move my pen collection into a bigger box after getting my new members of the family. I have been busy testing them all and favour the Pentel brush pens, I was also super excited to see the nib pen which was sitting in my Amazon Wishlist.

I have never tried watercolour paint before as I have always favoured pencils, I have been using them this week and need to practice a lot more as I find them harder to control.

I will write a review on the Little Book Of Calligraphy when I have tested a few more things out, right now I am struggling with the ink I own so after some advise from someone on instagram I need to get some new ink.

When I saw the below cover I added The Handmaids Tale to my birthday list.

I took a few packets of the sweets to work with me on the weekend.

Bathbombs and candles is just what I needed for Autumn.

I am obsessed with my Blackout journal from Archer and Oliver so after I have done a few more pages I will do a full review, it’s a game changer for bullet journal addicts or even someone who wants to do some doodles.

I love collecting stickers and prints.

My mum got me some socks and a skirt, I love getting new socks especially if they are cute.

My friend who moved away sent me a lovely parcel which arrived today, the leggings are so comfy.

I was well and truly spoilt! I got some birthday money which I am saving to go towards an advent calendar and no not the one pound chocolate type. I got so many lovely cards as well and Luna has pulled them all down more times than I can count. If you are someone who helped make my birthday special thank you, I loved my cakes and balloons, I saw all of the best people and that’s all a girl needs.