October, wow, how on earth is it October already! Before I know it I’ll be taking my kids out for trick or treating, watching fireworks on firework night and then counting down for Christmas. We are a month into the school routine, I get two days a week child free days and find myself doing nothing, I do not get all productive and conquer the word. As I am always constantly doing something, I always have to think and I have to multitask a lot (which I’m not good at) I find when alone it’s nice to not think, not do and switch off if that makes sense. It’s also nice to do the floordrobe in piece as Luna just clings onto my legs if I try and clean around her. What do you do in your free time? Do you find yourself just lying on the sofa enjoying an hour of no noise?

my son and I had the flu the other week so we recovered on the sofa while Luna destroyed the house pulling everything she could out. Luna is at a really tricky age so we find ourselves constantly saying no Luna. While it is tricky to get her to listen I am loving her little personality, she’s her brothers twin as he was so cheeky at her age.

Last month we went to Trevaskis farm for some cake, we picked Raspberries for the first time as we tend to only get Strawberries.

I have a new favourite take away, if you find yourself popping to a Costa try the Bolognese Mac And Cheese, you won’t be sorry. They are also selling some really yummy muffins at the minute.

How do I get Luna to keep her hair up for more than two seconds? I love brushing Lunas hair everyday and she loves trying to brush mine.

Last year I got some stuff in the sales for Halloween and Christmas, I love getting stuff out a year after getting them knowing I saved money in the long run.

I started a new Instagram for my stationery, doodles and bullet journal stuff. I’m joining in at the minute with a Doodleween challenge and below is my doodles so far- I’m not doing today’s which is Spaceship as I’m opting to blog and then watch a film with some popcorn.

I have been doing lots of calligraphy practice as well and feel really good with how much I’ve learnt this year, all of the resources I’ve used have helped and I plan on doing a post on everything I’ve done/used this year to get my skills to were they are.

I got the below wax last Easter and only just used it as my heart did not want to ruin the beautiful flowers, I’ve previously posted about Ohh How Lovely and how much I love buying wax melts from them.

Gone are the days to go out with friends and drink the night away, instead I get drunk on sugar in the daytime.

I don’t mind it though when Rob brings home a cheeky drink on a Friday night.

What is it and pretty bath bomb photos? Why are they so satisfying?

We really are getting into the hygee life in the evenings. When the kids are tucked up asleep that’s when I get to watch something other than Bing, or In The Night Garden. I can raid my secret stash of goodies and relax. In all honesty though during the day I love hanging out with my children, I love seeing them play together and soon we can bake and do crafts with Luna – when she stops trying to destroy or eat everything.

Family is everything to me, without them I wouldn’t need a reason to soak my sore feet in a bath, without their little voices an hours piece would be a normal miserable Loneliness, without tucking them into bed and winding down myself I would not be excited for tomorrow adventures. I am beyond excited for the next couple of month adventures. Have you got much planned?