Out of the four sections in my Journal from Paperchase I have said previously how I was least excited to get into the second section, I was not very good at using brush pens – was not as I am happy to say I am getting really good. It goes to show that if you really try and practise (a lot) you can master something out of your comfort zone. I can thank many things one being the journal, secondly it helps to find pens that really work for you and I have a few brands to rave about in this post.

The first few pages encourages you to practise your strokes and to practice weight and pressure to help you get a feel of the techniques. I have found what works best for me is to turn my page at an angle and the pen.

What Section One lacked, section two came through with which was lots of letter pages to practice before practicing words. There is also a page to practice numbers and a page to practice symbols.

When I was more confident with letters I really enjoyed bringing everything I had learnt together while still learning new styles.

I have a lovely brush pen collection which includes Tombow dual tip, Zebra Mildiners, Pentel Fude Touch, Spectrum Noir metallics and Ecoline. My favourites being the Zebra mildiners and the Pentel Fude Touch brush pens. I find the Zebra Mildliners so easy to control compared to other thick brush pens and with the Pentel Fude Touch pens, the small tips make control all together perfect.

I have almost done every page in section 2 which goes to show how much I have enjoyed it, yes I am not perfect but this journal is encouraging me to practise and get creative. Is writing suppose to be perfect? I have found recently I actually love to write letters at different hights – very imperfect but super effective. I have spotted a Brush lettering book on Amazon by Kirsten Burke which Is going on my Christmas list, this section has given me a new fondness for brush pens and a passion to keep getting better. The next section is hand lettering which I have started on, I will share my thoughts on that section with you next month. What are you finding works for you and would this section help you like it has me?

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