Another season another list of things to do. I like writing a bucket list, like is an understanding I love reminding myself of all the fun to come. My lists tend to be the same each year with a couple of ambitious goals – one being baking cinnamon rolls this year which makes me nerves as I’ve never made anything other than cakes, brownies or muffins. Aw I lie I have also mastered how to make a yummy apple crumble. What’s on your Autumn bucket list? Here’s what’s on mine …

Watch fireworks. Sky flowers give me all the Autumn feels, that cold air wrapping around you while sipping on tea, all snug with a thick coat on, a bobbly hat keeping your ears warm and let’s not forget the gloves that I always seem to loose within a week of buying. My kids love fireworks and this year we are heading to the same place we have been to for three years.

Bake an apple crumble. I did this one a couple of days ago and I don’t mean to sound big headed but I did good. I am not the best cook but I will give it my best attention. Do you add cinnamon into your apple crumbles?

Go to the woods. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area and appreciate the fact that it’s so healthy for children to get out, get muddy and explore.

Trick or treat. My son is asking me everyday when is it Halloween and when can he get his costume from the shop – I’m holding out to see if Sainsbury’s have a 20% off offer on like last year. This might be the last year I can choose Lunas costume, she’s going to be the cutest cat trick or treating.

Go to a pumpkin patch. *tick* another one off the list done. We got pumpkins, ate cake, got super muddy and I think we need to go back again in a few weeks. I’ll share the photos in my next Treasuring Sweet Moments post.

Buy gloves. I mentioned how I am forever loosing gloves, mostly I loose one just like how my socks can magically disappear.

Apple picking. We kind of did this when at Trevaskis farm last week but instead of picking lots I got some from the farms shop. The kids ate the few we did pick.

Popcorn and movie day. I actually want to write a page in my bullet journal titled, a list of things to do what it rains. I also want to write down some of our favourite films and tick them off as we watch them, my son loves The Nightmare Before Christmas so I’m sure that will be the first thing on our to watch list.

Hot chocolate. I have the cutest Halloween hot chocolate spoons but need to get some squirty cream, I also found some pumpkin marshmallows so when we do treat ourselves to a hot drink they are going to be delicious.

Read while listening to the rain. Am I the only one that loves it when it starts to rain during the night? I find it really relaxing and it helps me fall asleep. One day when the kids are at school/nursery on a rainy day I am going to be super lazy, get my pyjamas on, get into bed and read a book.

Bake cinnamon rolls. I will do this, they may not turn out great but you bet I will try again until I get it and if I really can’t get it I will buy some from the supermarket, or get my mum to help me. I am now going to google how to make cinnamon rolls and write down the ingredients I will need. It’s raining right now and I’m feeling all cosy with a wax melt burning away. I hope you have lots to look forward to? I also hope you are warm, cosy and feeling ambitious to try some new things this Autumn.