Everyone has a favourite pen right? In the world of Instagram the Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen is becoming everyones go to pen. But why? I had to find out what all of the fuss was about and see for myself why they have taken over my newsfeed.

There are currently 12 colours to collect, you can order them individually or as a set from many online stores. I got mine from Amazon as a set, I did firstly order one pen to test out before buying a whole set. The pens bodies each have a glitter effect to them, they are easy to hold and the colours are so vibrant – I have seen many reviews say that they are a lot more vibrant compared to the Tombow Fudenosuke.

The pens have a Fibre Tip which can produce up to a 2mm Width line. I have found the non-permanent water based ink nice a juicy so it writes onto paper really well and fast. The tip is nice and flexible and easy to control with the tip being so fine and short compared to my larger brush pens.

I get a lettering magazine each month from Simply Lettering (more on that soon) and love using my Pentel touch pens in it to practice. I have had these pens for just over a month now and feel really confident with them, I would also love to buy some more in different colours. What is your go to brush pen? And would you get these?