I have shared a few of the brush pens with you that I own, I shared just yesterday here my thoughts on the Pentel Touch Sign brush pens. I want to have a place to reflect on them all so as I share a set, I’ll link them back here comparing them all. It might also help you to decide on what set to buy next, I’m leaning towards the Tombow Fudenosuke what do you think?

1. Santoro Gorjuss dual – tip.

The brush tip is made out of fibre and I find it can frail really easy, I wasn’t sure if it was the quality of paper I used, the pressure I used or if the pen as a whole was not the best quality. The packaging is lovely and the boxes that the two sets come in – there’s two sets with each containing 12 pens. To use with water they are great, especially to use on stamps. I would give these a 6/10 purely because were there was some great things there is also some not so good things. Full review here .

2. Pentel Touch Sign Brush Pen.

The ink in the Pentel Touch is water based, the ink is also super juicy and runs of the pen nicely. The bodies have a lovely glitter effect, the colours are very vibrant and I just love, love, love these pens. The tip is made with fibre but so small the control is amazing. They are also nice to hold. I do wish there was more colours to buy but that’s a good thing to say I would buy more. They get a 10/10 from me because I can not fault them other than the need of more colours. Review post here – One thing I forgot to add in my review post is that you can transfer the ink from one pen to another pen, by touching one tip onto the another lets gravity bring the ink onto the fibre. In an easier term you get the pens to kiss but with them lengthwise towards the ceiling. you can do so with all water based inks as far as I am aware. It gives that tye die effect halfway through a word once you master how long to hold a pen tip onto another.

I am going to be reviewing more brush pens so keep an eye out and please suggest any brands that I need to try. I’ve got some Zebra mildliners and TomBow Dual – tips to talk about next with one of them being my favourite thicker brush tip. It’s so hard to find a pen that really works for you so I hope this post helps narrow down some of the not so good pens and some of the you need in your life pens.