I have been blogging a lot over the past week, I have loved it as I love sharing the things I’ve been doing, interested in or even for the odd little moan. No moaning today though as the Autumn activities are in full swing, expect plenty of pumkin photos in this post. I’ve baked recently, done some lettering practice, been creative, bleached the kitchen, sorted through the house and even had a cinema trip. I don’t think I’ll get as much fun stuff done this week as we have a lot on but I’ll take what spare time I do have. Did you get to do much last week?

I did the above photo for day 12 of doodleween, the Instagram challange I mentioned before that I’m taking part in. Below is some of my other doodles. I am looking out for a November Instagram challenge if you see one please let me know.

Now that it’s pumpkin season we headed over to our closest pumpkin patch, it just so happened to be my favourite place in Cornwall, Trevaskis Farm. The shop had so many Halloween treats so you can imagine my excitement. I got a few hotchocolates which I’m yet to indulge in, one of them is salted caramel flavour.

We went with all of our nephews which was really nice to see all of the kids laughing and playing. The kids were covered in mud, us adults were from the puddle jumping splash backs from the kids.

Taking photos of the kids with the pumpkins gave me all the feels with remembering last year, Luna couldn’t even walk yet and my son had just started school. I will take them there every year until I am too cool to hang out with.

After school one day last week we made an apple crumble, would my kids try it? Nope, I was left with a rather large dish but manage to eat most of it over a few days.

Talking of food last week there was a harvest festival at my sons school. The school asked if anyone could bring in a tin of food for the food shelter, which is struggling with so many families in need of support. I got what I could and hope it helps someone.

Last year when Luna was a few months old I got her some unicorn slipper socks, she’s forever putting mine on so when I showed her that I had some for her hidden away she was so happy.

I finally found some ink that works better in my Little Book Of Calming Calligraphy. I didn’t know that there is drawing ink and writing ink, the drawing ink pools off my nib pen but the writing ink is a dream with a nib pen.

Below is a little peak at a post coming this week. Today I had no kids so I spent some time lettering and trying different techniques. I am finding it really helpful with my anxiety to take some time out to draw or write. What helps you to not think of 100 and ten things or even wind down before bed?

October is looking so much better compared to September, with having the flu and dealing with a tired five years old getting back into the swing of school. It’s half term next week and we have lots planned. My son and I have been doing lots of spells and maths, just last night when I was getting home from work he was showing his grandad how well he could write. What are you doing over half term?