I started my lettering journey around this time last year after getting some nib pens for my birthday. When Emma mentioned to me about a new magazine she had subscribed to, the Simply Lettering magazine, I was intrigued! I spotted the first issue in my local Sainsbury’s and knew I needed to see if it would help me in anyway. Thank you Emma for leading me to this brand-new modern calligraphy magazine as it really has helped me. Let’s talk about how…

There has currently been three issues and after getting the first issue I subscribed online, they had a pay £6.00 for three issues offer on, a new issue comes out every month. Each issue contains hand lettering masterclasses, faux calligraphy projects, journaling inspiration, expert advise, artist interviews and much more. For me what I love most is the step by step projects, I’ve found myself taking away so much after reading each issue of the Simply lettering Magazine. I also love the fact that each issue contains letter practice sheets for brush lettering and dip pens.

There is also some really great template pull-outs in the practice sheet booklet. You can trace over the templates, download them on their website or use semi-transparent paper. I find just going over them with my brush pens is what works for me. In the first issue the templates were black which meant I couldn’t just go over them but with the next few issues I found they were light grey. Would you just go over them or use them another way?

A lot of the templates go with the projects that are inside the magazine. A few of the template are done by artists one being the lovely Kirsten Burke who I am obsessed with at the minute. Kirsten has a YouTube Chanel and a mixture of helpful journals that I’m slowly collecting. That’s another beauty with this magazine it has introduced me to lots of artists who share so many useful tips, one useful tip by Paul was how we should be conscious of our posture when at a desk.

One project I tried but changed slightly resulted in the below piece I did. In the magazine there was a step by step on how to draw a sunflower, it was easy to follow. The yellow and orange writing was also inspired by a step by step. If you are into bullet journaling or just general journaling there is plenty of things that you will find useful, including boarders, a mood board, doodles and much more.

I’m trying different techniques I wouldn’t usually, I’m playing around with blending and different tool. It helps show you the latest trends with advertising stationery items throughout the magazine, on that note my Amazon wish list is now a mile long. There’s also giveaways to enter. I like how when I got issue one it contained brush pens and issue two had a chalk lettering pen set.

Issue three came with a calendar for 2020, one that I can go over each month in the colours I choose all while still practicing. It also contains 4 art cards – I like getting extra goodies each month. It is a simply wonderful magazine and the team who created it have really thought of us readers. Issue 2 has lots of Christmas themed stuff so I’m saving those to do next month, I have that luxury to dip in and out of these magazines. I have only shared a fraction of what the magazine contains, there’s something for everyone. For me the biggest thing over all was putting my phone down, not scrolling through social media or getting distracted, to just focus on the task on paper while it encourages me to write, colour and do something new. Have you tried the Simply Lettering Magazine?