I often find myself scrolling Instagram and seeing new trends, I see the newest must have stationery pieces or even old that has lived a long popular favourite to many. I wonder how many screenshots I take on my phone each month to forget – I have started to write things I see down in my bullet journal. I figured with Christmas coming I would write this up for Santa to read. What have you got your eye on at the minute?

Brush pens… Brush pens are getting there own section as there’s so many brands I want to try or own more colours of.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen – I saw someone use these on Instagram, they look really good, I want to buy a couple and see if they are. I found them on Cultpens for £2.66 each or you can buy sets, I like to buy one to test before paying out for bigger sets.

Zebra Mildliners – There are three sets to collect and I own two of them, I love them so much that there’s no questions to wanting to have the whole collection. I found them on Amazon for £6.97.

Spectrum Noir Sparkle Fine Glitter Brush Pens – Another pen I’ve tried and love. With Christmas coming I think this Autumn set would be great to use for card making, They cost £16.95 on Amazon. I am going to buy this set next week so Santa doesn’t need to bring me these, there’s lots of other great colours though.

Sakura Koi colouring brush pen set – I have tried one of these pens out and get on with them well, not as well as other sets but with practice I know I can get really good results with them. They are on offer on Amazon for £14.99.

Sakura Pigma Brush 9 brush pens – This is another set that’s really popular on Instagram at the minute, I am easily influenced. They cost £13.83 on Amazon.

Ecoline Liquid Watercolour – Ecoline Brush Pens I really struggle with, They rank my least favourite that I’ve tried but I want to give them a second chance in the new year. I like the pastel colour set which I could hopefully use well next Summer. They are on offer at the minute on Amazon for 12.99.

Karin Brush Marker Pro – I look at these pens and get a really good feeling about them, the tip looks perfect so I need to test them out. They cost £27.47 on Amazon. The most expensive set I’ve got my eye.

WHSmith Dual tipped brush pens – I am really annoyed with myself as this set was on offer for half price over Summer, I might wait for them to go on sale again. They cost £24.99 on the WHSmith website.

The next lot of stuff is not brush pens. As you can tell most of the stuff I like is on Amazon but that is because it’s so easy to add things to my Amazon save for later section, do you have one?

Coliro Pearl colour G500 ‘Galaxy’ – I’ve seen people use these with their nib pens so once I’ve mastered Calligraphy a bit more I would love to test this set out. Amazon again for £31.04.

Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils – I have a Archer And Olive blackout journal which these would work well in. They cost £11.12 on Amazon.

Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal – I don’t really like Ivory paper but my heart can’t take this out of my save later list, my heart says try it before you judge so I might have to listen to it. It costs £17.97 and has some nice colours to choose from.

Mini Destress ink – These are great to use with a blender which I would also need, you can smudge colours around as a background. Or I could use them with my stamps. They only cost £7.14 at the minute on Amazon.

Creative Spark Journal – I am really into art at the minute especially doodling so this journal might be really nice to use. It costs £12.00 from PaperChase.

Self Care Journal – As someone who knows how much self care is Important this Journal would help me make time for myself. It’s in Paperchase for £12.00.

Mindfulness Reflective Journal – out of all the journals this one I mostly want, the cover is beautiful and the quotes inside just make it that bit more special. Another Paperchase journal that’s £10.00.

Journal With Purpose – Another must have all over Instagram at the minute is this journal by Helen Colebrook. I found it on Under The Rowan Trees for £14.99

So much stationery, it’s like being a kid in a toy store just looking at it all. It’s so hard to decide what to buy next when I’m in need of some self love by clicking the order button. What’s on your wishlist?