A few days into half term and I can happily report that we are having a lot of fun. I will share next week what we have and will be up to but for now I want to reflect on last week. Sometimes you can think a week is rubbish but when you reflect on the good stuff you can say, it wasn’t all that bad, It could have been worse. I’m supper stressed at the minute which is an understatement – life. But I am not letting it ruin my favourite time of the year, I look forward to this month all through Summer so I’m taking it all in. Do you look forward to Halloween?

When Luna goes down for the night we eat or drink the naughty things, hot chocolate being our favourite, I had no cream which made the hot chocolate seem naked!

Since having Luna I have not been keen on gingerbread anymore, gutting! Rob is still into it so I got him some gingerbread chocolate which my son also enjoyed. My sister has informed me she has located the new chocolate orange twirls which I’ll collect from her ASAP, have you managed to find one yet?

What’s a girl to do when feeling low? A girl who also won £10.70 on the lottery, buy new pens you say? I absolutely did and it did give me that warm all is right with the world feeling. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pens that give you happiness.

Christmas is coming and there’s only 2 paydays until the big day so I was starting to think about what I am getting the kids, right on que the Sainsbury’s toy sale was on so I got a few bits. Did you find anything in the toy sale?

I am still doing the doodleween Instagram challenge, I’m shocked that I’ve found the time but things have been neglected, my bullet journal being one so that’s getting some TLC when it’s finish. Ive also neglected to clean as much as I usually do so hello floordrobe look at my lovely doodles. One of my doodles I did on a pumpkin using pen, more on that soon as I will be reviewing the best pens to use on a pumpkin. Have you seen all of the amazing pumpkin art and calligraphy on Instagram at the minute? It’s a fun trend but I’m sticking with just doodling on one, I highly doubt I could manage to use a brush pen on one. Maybe next year after I’ve practiced on paper more.

Did you see my Simply Lettering Magazine post? I forgot to upload one of the projects I did but I will do soon in another post I am doing on something else. Below is a little peak.

Last week my son had a school disco which was filled with some amazing inflatables, both of my kids spent an hour none stop dancing and laughing.

I did a spot of window shopping and found something to add to my Christmas wishlist, they had different ‘guide to’ books. One was also a guide to Brexit which might be a stocking filler idea for a few people I know.

In the week Luna and I got lunch in town, took it to the park and finished our lovely time together with a huge I do not want to go home meltdown – from Luna. Baby girl who’s no longer a baby is showing signs of terrible twos. Wish. Me. Luck.

It’s so hard to get photos of things I do with the kids as they are mostly day to day normal things one wouldn’t photograph. For five days a week my son is at school and Luna is at nursery two days a week. On Tuesdays and some Wednesdays I take Luna to a stay and play and Thursdays is cleaning day. Leaving Saturday the only days to do something as a family, I work Sunday’s. After school it tends to be a movie, homework, playing with toys, dinner, baths, all while I watch the home I cleaned in the day be destroyed in a second. I will have lots of photos come the end of this week though with it being half term. I hope you have a lovely half term, I also hope you remember to do something for you be that a bit of reading or a little something sweet to eat.

Below is my new Instagram, I’m loving my creativity at the minute from the October doodle challenge.