If you were to ask me what my absolute favourite ink is I would say, metallic ink. Spectrum Noir have three packs of dual – tip metallic markers to collect and I own two of them. The reason I do not own the newest pack ‘Antique Elements’ is because I think the colours are very similar to colours in the other packs, I could be wrong and might cave and complete the whole set soon. What is your favourite type of ink?

The biggest bonus about these pens is that one side is a brush tip which is made out of felt, the other side is a round felt tip. The brush is a little fatter than any brush pens I’ve tried which helps to get a good thick stroke when going downwards. The very tip is firm enough that I can get a straight thin line for upstrokes.

I am trying to find the right words to describe the ink and what comes to mind is that it is really creamy, you might be able to tell below how perfect the outer lines are, you can also see how lovely the colours are on black paper. The ink is waterbased so blending them together gives a lovely effect.

It was really hard to get a decent photo of the pens on white paper as the white paper bounced light at me, my camera is cracked so light blurs it.

The Spectrum Noir Metallic markers work really well on Pumpkins if you fancied a fun half term activity, I am not sure if I have the heart to let my kids jab my pens at a pumpkin – I might have to buy a pack for them. I have seen that my local Range sells them and they are also on offer at the minute on Amazon. These pen are probably my favourites have I said that already? They dry really fast as well which is always handy, they do smudge if you do not give them enough time to dry. I have seen a few other Spectrum Noir products that look interesting, one being some metallic inks in pots. Are there any other brush pens around that are metallic?