Half term was by far the best week I have had in a very long time. This blog does a lot for me mentally as it encourages me to reflect on the positive things in life, to do things for me and to focus on what matters. As it was half term I did not get time to do the last week of the doodleween challange on Instagram, I was exhausted by the time the kids went to bed which only meant fun busy days. Here’s just a fraction on what we did over half term.

My son has been begging me for a few months now to have a Halloween party, like we did last year. My sister was in charge of the food and games this year and my mum did the decorations – the kids had the best day.

I picked up the below glow in the dark glasses, they were so fun.

We did some pumpkin carving, is it even Halloween if you don’t carve a pumpkin?

We finally had our hot chocolates! Sadly it turned out our taste buds didn’t like them so they went down the sink.

I read a whole book in a couple of hours which isn’t a shock as the new book by Adam Kay was disappointingly short. I wanted more! I did love his newest book though just as I did his first book This Is Going To Hurt. I would say out of all of the books I’ve read this year Adam Kay’s first book was/is my favourite so far, there’s still a few months for another book to steal my heart. I will be doing a blog post on the books I’ve read this year so keep an eye out.

We met my mum twice over half term for cinema trips which made me realise a lot. Before Luna it was my son, mum and I doing these things regularly be that little cafe trips. It’s not because of Luna that we do not do these things it’s because of school, on weekends we have nephews, I work Sundays, it’s easier to be outside so the kids can run off steam and the excuses go on. Luna was at nursery two days last week so we used that opportunity to watch The Adams’s Family and Abominable – Frozen 2 is next on our list!

We did have a little cafe trip before watching Abominable. We ordered some Deluxe hot chocolates and a very disappointing English breakfast, it tasted like the food had been sat there for a few hours and then reheated.

I drew Jack the pumpkin king on a pumpkin and I did do one of the Doodleween days which I forgot about so I wasn’t totally exhausted.

We ventured out and did some sparklers with the kids.

When the days are long, your feet hurt, back and maybe even brain from two chatty kids you just need early nights. You need to leave all the chores and get into bed with junk food and binge watch something. I watched both parts of Sabrina on Netflix last week and loved the series. I need to find something new to watch, any suggestions?

We went to a Halloween Disco and both of the kids left sweaty and happy.

We went to One 2 Eleven for a birthday party, Luna is fearless and went on the big slide all on her own over and over again.

I am obsessed with Kirsten Burke, have I said that before? I’ve got a few of her workbooks now which I’m saving to start in the new year. My skills have come along way so I’m hoping the workbooks will help me grow even more.

My son has a piggy bank which he puts his pocket money in. One day my son said how he really wanted a new scooter so after counting his money he found he had enough, he even had enough to get his sister one which was very thoughtful of him.

My mum came over so we could do some crafts together, my son decorated a pumpkin.

I was also really busy with packing up 90% of the house on my own, bleaching every inch of the house and hovered behind sofas etc. We are moving AGAIN. The bonus with moving is going through everything and having a good old clear out. It was hard trying to get everything done on my own with two kids at home but I did a good job, My mum came over twice to help which reminded me of when we packed a whole house in one day two years back, when I was 7 months pregnant with Luna.

We watched a few Halloween films with some popcorn, went out on the scooters, went to the park a couple of times and in shock my washing basket has stayed empty. I clean when stressed so that worked to my advantage last week. We have lots planned over the next few weeks, If you have any time management tips please send them my way. I hope you had a great half term and enjoyed even the little things in life.