I wrote this on January the 7th, after reading back through it I have to post it. Although 2020 is not what any of us could have predicted we can at least have a lot to look forward to, while making new memorise and reliving some old ones at home.

A new year, new start, new things to look forward to while I happily wave goodbye to 2019 which for me was not the greatest of years. I’ve not blogged in ages because every time I have gone to I just stared at the keyboard, frozen, wanting to say a lot yet nothing came out. I’m taking this new year as a chance to restart, to focus on the good to come and not dwell on things that are not in my control. Although 2019 was not great it was still filled with lots to smile about, moments I want to remember forever, here’s just a peak into the last few months of 2019.

(I will add now that my phone camera has been cracked for months so the white blurred glow on photos is from that, I got an iPhone 11 yesterday so my photos will look a lot better now.)

Fireworks night was lovely as we went to a place that we go to every year, Heartlands. Luna was so fascinated with the sky flowers. If you ever find a churro stall please try a salted caramel churro as they are delicious.

We did our yearly visit to the Eden project which as usual did not disappoint, we won’t be going ice skating again though as we pay and my son always goes on for about two minutes.

All of my going out shoes are packed away, to be honest they are also very over worn so I treated myself to some new heals to go out in over Christmas. They are possibly the nicest shoes I have ever owned and most expensive!

If you are looking for an epic advent calendar this year I highly recommend getting a Treat box advent calendar. I will do a separate blog post showing what I got each day.

Of course I made plenty of hotchocolate last month with all the trimmings.

Have you seen Last Christmas? I personally would buy it on dvd as I loved it that much. It was funny, heart warming, romantic and a total surprise when it all concluded, many predicted the ending but I was left in awe.

I have had really bad skin for awhile now, since having Luna infant and I’m sick of buying full sized products to find they don’t work or irritate me more. I have been considering getting a Birch box for awhile now, when I saw the Frozen theme box in November I knew it was a great time to order one. I’m due to get my third box after also loving Decembers box, it came in a gorgeous bag.

One of my advent calendar days was a biscuit that prompted me to stick the kettle on and take five minutes to chill out.

It had been well over a year since I had ordered a Paper Gang subscription box. When I saw November’s box I had to reactive my account, just for the month though as I can’t afford to have loads of subscriptions every month. It’s probably the nicest one I have ever had and I’m gutted my photos are so awful from my cracked camera, the photos really don’t do it justice.

I went Christmas shopping with my mum in Plymouth, another yearly tradition. Did you get to try one of the Christmas Krispy Kreme donuts? I love going Christmas shopping just to see all of the lights, are you the same?

I got to meet my longest friends baby last year which was magical as we both thought that babies were not going to happen for her. We went to lunch, I got broody for 5 seconds and then said our goodbyes as she was traveling back home to Essex – a very long journey from Cornwall.

I’ve still been getting my Treat Boxes which means I’ve been getting them now for three years! Just today I got January’s box which I loved.

We decorated some biscuits with the kids which turned very mess, there was lots of sticky fingers as well as smiles.

We took the kids to see Santa at a garden centre, we then went and got a real Christmas tree which we do every year, it’s nice to see that I have a lot of year traditions like picking a tree, decorating it, hotchocolates ect.

My favourite thing to eat last month was the Pigs In Blankets Mac And Cheese from Costa! I got one at least once a week, with a white hot chocolate, another a favourite of mine.

We went to our local soft play area and the kids saw Santa (for the second time oops) It’s very hard to go to events over Christmas avoiding the 100th looking Santa.

Luna’a hair is growing so long! I love brushing her hair after a bath or even putting it up in a ponytail which she takes down after seconds.

If you love using brush pens I recommend the below paper, my new favourite paper as it’s so smooth, thick and perfect. I got it for someone as a Christmas present but couldn’t not try a couple of sheets – I will be ordering myself some.

I love buying presents for people, I also have to fight to urgh to keep things for myself! I loved the below journal I got someone and it is definitely something I would buy again for myself to keep.

Every year we go for a family dinner, I don’t normally get a starter but I had to try the below cheese that everyone raves about, a cheese I can’t spell, I know it begins with a c?

December is all about the food am I right? We went to Country Skittles to do some bowling and filled our bellies. I am taking note that most of what I’m sharing is food related and I’m not sorry.

Want to see something else that looks yummy? Let’s agree, the below hot chocolates are the most adorable ones you have ever seen? I’m yet to use them which is a shame but just after Christmas the whole house was struck with a sickness bug so we have a lot of junk food to catch up on.

The kids got really fun advent calendars, my son a Lego Harry Potter one and Luna got a Peppa Pig one; one she got hold of and fully opened before the end of the first week.

We went to the Cinema to watch Pretty Women which I wanted to rewatch instantly, it had all the Autumn feels, I suddenly wanted to move into a cottage and buy a new desk. Have you seen it yet?

Christmas Day was everything I wanted it to be, the kids were so happy to see that Santa had been. We spent the morning visiting family who were so kind and thoughtful. The kids were well and truly spoilt and lucky. For me though Christmas is about the slowing down, the games in the evening, the mess, the laughter and the feeling of gratitude to everyone we have in our lives. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day with the ones that are import to you.

I worked on New Year’s Eve but when I got home we stayed up until 12 for the bbc 1 count down as I do every year.

Another thing I love about Christmas is the SALES, on Boxing Day you will find me in Next first things as well as Boots to get the half price toiletries. I’ve got both of my kids there Christmas outfits and pyjamas for next year and a lot of face masks for myself. Do you enjoy the January sales?

We did so much more but with my camera issue I couldn’t take a lot of photos in certain lighting, we saw Christmas lights in Mousehole, we went to see the Lanterns in Trengwainton garden, we decorated our Christmas tree, ate a lot of mince pies, watched Christmas films, went to the cinema to watch Cats and let the house work slack which I’ve been catching up on all week. I love looking back at things I’ve done because it really makes me appreciate everything, especially the small things.