For well over a week I have had this itch to blog, I’ve typed out paragraphs and deleted them, so many words yet I feel my brain scrambled and filled with mixed emotions. Maybe I want to blog to unscramble my brain a bit? Maybe I just need to reflect on some of the good from this year with so much sadness around shadowing it all. There’s so much uncertainty around but one thing I can have control over is what I can take from life. That I should not take for granted what is right in front of me, I have four walls around us, a job, family and right now that’s a lot to smile about. I am in no way bragging because believe me my heart has felt so heavy for our world. So I guess 2020 you have not been a complete treasure but that has not stopped me from growing, learning, loving and making memories with my kids. Here’s what we have been up to.

Before lockdown …

I started this year with a beach walk, food at a cabin next to the beach and ready to have a good year. I didn’t realise how much I liked eating out until we went into lockdown.

This might sounds odd but over lockdown I have missed soft play areas, I know they are filled with screaming kids but happy kids, kids that grow up so fast to one day find it their last time playing in one. I am glad that Luna has been to one this year before everywhere shut.

This year I really wanted to find some more resources to help me learn brush lettering. The below book I will 100% review as I have so many projects to share with you that I have done in it. Have you got one of Kirsten Burke work books? Or even all of them?

Have you heard of Mr B? I didn’t until my sister mentioned this ice cream van that drives around the country welcomed by mile long queues because of his dreamy ice cream. I finished work just after nine, in the evening and in the Winter, I queued up for nearly an hour to try one. If you find yourself queuing up for one at some point it is totally worth it.

We can not wait to go back to Paradise Park and see the penguins. We went to Paradise Park with my sister, nephew and his dad during the week and it turned out to be one of my favourite days this year.

Sometimes you have to let kids be kids, let them splash in puddles, laugh and get soaking wet. It costs nothing for those happy moments.

This day I remember so well that it feels like it was just yesterday. We had Just dropped my oldest to school and slowly walked home, we were so happy, taking in everything and talking about everything we saw. I love seeing the world in my kids eyes.

We really miss having family over for food, we had just moved into a new house at the start of the year and it was becoming our favourite thing to do on weekends.

Luna turned 2! On February the 28th, a day she spent at nursery because that is her favourite place to be, I woke up an hour before her because I was so excited to see her little face when opening her presents. Lunas main present was the lovely below teepee my mums got her.

We also miss park trips and our last one turned out to be really funny, after Luna fell in the mud she gained a new fear for even walking on grass, she’s okay with it now.

I mentioned a moment ago that we moved house at the start of the year, we have said so many times how lucky we are that we moved in right before lockdown, a week to be exact! So many of my friends do not have gardens and so many people don’t even have homes. My house is my safe haven and I hope you have a safe haven.

I wish Lunas side of the room was as tidy as it is in this photo, with two kids home 24/7 I tried to keep up with them making a mess to realise that’s impossible without torturing us all with my moaning. I mean my house is clean but that swing has no toys on it, the toy boxes are broken and bed making lasts 2 seconds as Luna likes to jump on the beds. To be fair though I have learnt that prior to lockdown I clean too much, it’s all good having a spotless house but that time could be spent doing stuff for me and not on the floors scrubbing. (Emma) came over with my nephew and made these amazing, uhm, chocolate biscuit things I can’t remember the name of, they were delicious though. I hope we can have people over this Autumn so we can make some apple crumbles like we did last year.

I am going to cut the post short here and share tomorrow what we did over lockdown. I found it so nice to look back on January, February and some of March. I am also excited to show you how we filled our time at home for the rest of the year, added with our daily hour walks around our local area. How did your year start?

The first picture on this post is a little preview on what I will share next, I have been very creative over lockdown with a new resource that you might want to try if you want to give brush calligraphy a go.