Last week I posted what we did at the start of the year, before lockdown and now I’m here to share with you what we have done over the past three months. For three months we have been through so many emotions, the unknown, the what ifs as I’m sure most people have felt this lingering sadness. I miss the before, Will life ever be the same? While at the same time I’m enjoying the now with my kids and hoping everything we have learnt will create a better new. Who else has found a better appreciating to life? I am so there for the little things be that a new cup, my kids making me laugh, reading, cosy evenings and yeah here’s the little things.

( I live in the UK, here in the UK our lockdown rules were 1 hour exercise a day around your local area. The rules changed at some point to no time limit on exercise around your local area. Now currently most businesses are open, parks, cafes ect so before you see these photos and make assumptions Boris said we could go to the beach for an hour – we are lucky that we have a beach 5 minutes down our road.)

Instagram made me do it, Instagram made me do a lot over lockdown and getting Animal crossing I did not regret. I am loving the newest update, do you play Animal crossing?

I said it the other day and I will say it again, I am so grateful to have a little garden, especially at the minute. Some days I open our back door and Luna plays outside while I do dishes, cook or sort through the washing, she does sadly pull all the flower heads off my Pansys. We have done crafts outside as well.

We have had bbqs in our garden, had the paddling pool out, bubbles, scooters, bikes and planted lots of flowers.

We have done lots inside one being our Toucan boxes, when I knew the kids would be home for some time I ordered a few things to keep us busy. I use to get them for my son but when he started school we found ourselves with no time to do them. We also got Pie face which the kids love playing.

I sent my best friend a treatbox and flowers for her birthday. We were planning on visiting her in May, she lives six hours away – hopefully we can visit her next year.

New home meant new house plants! I picked them up when doing our weekly food shop.

My friend sent Luna a lovely little outfit.

We have done a bit of baking while home. Have you been baking? Excuse how the cheese cake looked I ran out of biscuits.

Instagram got me again, this time the fluffy coffee thing every other person was raving on about, except me because it was disgusting! That or I made it wrong.

Who else has been doing the house up? Luckily as we had just moved in we then found ourselves with time to unpack, sort furniture out that we would of maybe done in a year after moaning about needing to do this and that.

I also got loads of lights for our garden which I wasn’t planning on doing until next year, I figured the inside of the house would of taken a lot longer to sort out.

Disney plus has all the good films for rainy day movie days.

While many shops shut some stayed open to support the community with delivery services. I have tried to support as many local businesses be that order a box of sweets, meats, milk and even the odd takeaway from a small cafe. The sweets came from a new sweet shop that opened a few weeks before lockdown, one I do not want to see go under so sweets might not be important but the persons business is.

I set up my desk area, ready for when I could steal an hour or so to myself. I am so happy with how far my lettering has come over the past few months, all thanks to some Blink lettering workbooks. I like how I can print the workbooks as many times as I want to, there is loads of workbooks for me to use and I have seen more progress in a few months than I have in two years.

I also love practicing in my Rhodia dot pad.

Below is some of the pieces I have created now that I feel more confident in using brush pens.

We are so lucky that we live right next to a beach, we love walking along it.

To be fair though we are lucky to live in Cornwall, to go on nature walks and see so many beautiful areas.

I have so many more photos to share but this post is already very long, I will do one more catch up treasuring sweet moments post soon. I still get blown away with the feeling of we have not done a lot to then see aw wait we have, that some of the smallest moments are my favourites. What have you been doing to keep busy? What memorise have you made?

I use to share a photo of my Instagram feed but stopped using Instagram, this year I have started to post photos again so I thought I would share my feed with you as it is rather beautiful.