I am surprised with how productive I have been these past few weeks, I’ve blogged twice, kept up with the washing, I’ve even started bullet journaling again. I think though over the past couple of months I have been getting more motivated, to keep my mind busy? I don’t know but I’ll roll with it because brain dumbing on this blog makes me feel good. Something else that makes me feel good is looking back on May and June below. What makes you feel good?

Every Spring I dream about going somewhere for afternoon tea, obviously that was out of the question this Spring, to go in a cafe that is. At home however I mustered up an epic afternoon tea.

I love leopard print so when I saw the mug and it filled my heart I knew it was meant to be in my kitchen.

Plants are giving me that warm feeling at the minute and just last night I was thinking but why? I like walking into a room and seeing at least one area that makes me go aw wow how refreshing, one area that isn’t cluttered and messy. Also when you stick plants on your surfaces it stops you dumping stuff on them.

Around our area I think chips shops were some of the first places to open.

My son turned 6! Lockdown birthdays are not so bad, everyone dropped presents to our door step and wished him a happy birthday and I made up some party food minus the party.

I shared the other day how I decorated my garden, below is what some of the lights look like when it is dark outside.

Some how during lockdown I got nearly all the Ecoline brush pens and a few watercolour pallets, books and yeah I think I like stationery?

Who else cut their hair over lockdown? I do not go to the hairdressers anyway but I did cut off more than I normally do.

I think I have a new unhealthy obsession with online shopping, please do jot judge as 70% of my tops had holes in them, I was starting to look scruffy most days so it was time to start replacing things like even my bras.

My mum gave me my birthday present early, a lovely bag she ordered me from Zara.

I have always loved painting my nails, I use to do a lot of nail art in my teen years, I did beauty theory in collage and manicures were my favourite thing to do on others.

Next had a sale, if you have been following me for some time you will know that I love a good bargain.

I tried the below fake tan, I am hooked, I have really dry skin so on say my ankles there is a slight colour difference but out of the hundred different fake tan I have use, I rate it the best one I have tried.

Each months Treat box has helped me priorities a bit of self care.

Talking of self care my skin has been awful since having Luna, it was so bad over Christmas so this year I am making it my mission to get a skin care routine that helps me. I have tried the below products a few times and also use products with tea tree in them. My skin is better but that could be vitamin D from the sun so I won’t know until the cold season hits, when my skin is usually at it’s worse.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to over lockdown, this whole year in fact. I hope you have made memories, learnt new skills or even used the time to slow down. We still have over a month of no school so plenty more time to make more memories. I know we are still filled with an uncertain future or even at present a lingering fear sits with us, the best we can do is live in the now being respectful, careful and look out for each other. I have so many more photos and wish I had blogged every week like I use to, I’ve read three books, had picnics with my kids, bike rides, made dens, watched films and my camera roll hit 30,000 photos.

Below is my Instagram feed from last month.